Plenty Of Damage After Storm In Susquehanna County

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There was plenty of storm damage to be found in Susquehanna County Friday after the heavy rain flooded areas there last night.

The driveway leading up to Roxann Williams’ home near Montrose was filled with large pieces of bedrock after the rains fell.

During the storm, that rain turned the driveway into a rushing river, cutting a trench along the side of the road.

“My homeowner`s insurance will not cover it. I don`t have flood insurance, and they said it`s an act of nature,” Williams said. “I don`t know what I`m going to do, I`m a widow, I live on a fixed income, I can`t even get in and out of my home.”

“It`s unbelievable, there`s probably four, five foot deep holes in the driveway. She can`t get up or down, she can`t go to the grocery store,” said Williams’ daughter, Jillian Smith.

The severe storm even put the county`s 911 call line out of service.

Emergency workers said a lightning strike disabled the phone lines in the courthouse and the annex building that houses the 911 communication center.

Once they realized they had no phones or radio, emergency moved into a mobile center outside.

“A communications trailer that gives us non-911 phone capability, and it gives us a radio capability back,” said emergency worker Paul Johnson. “Phone company was also called, and they routed the 911 lines to other phone lines that we had access to.”

While Williams and her daughter continued to assess the damage, help arrived.

George Miller is an independent contractor, who volunteers as a disaster recovery aid when duty calls.

“If people need their house cleaned out, I`m here. I`m willing to do whatever it takes, and some of the neighbors asked me to come up here and check on her,” said Miller.

Miller came out to offer his services as well as a shoulder to lean on.

“Can you help me fix it?” asked Williams.

“Oh yeah, that’s what we’re here for,” answered Miller.

“Oh thank you, thank you so much,” said Williams, while hugging Miller.


  • Frank Ciesielski

    The flood in Susquehanna county wrecked my moms driveway I was up there today to help and could not even make the drive way thank you George miller for helping my mother god bless you

  • Justwondering

    George Miller, is a kind person.with a big heart.! someday I hope we cross paths, T
    o return some appreciation he deserves ..!

  • Bonnie Spencer

    thank you for giving this wonderful man the attention he deserves…. he dedicates his life to helping others and has done so after so many disasters, including the horrible flooding in NYC and along the Jersey shore after Sandy… he is one of the unsung heroes! :)

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