Man Convicted in Sherman Hills Killing, Shots Fired at Housing Complex Hours Later

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WILKES-BARRE -- A jury in Luzerne County found Kenneth Evans guilty of the homicide Thursday afternoon. Hours later, gun shots rang out where he committed the crime.

Evans shot and killed Shantique Goodson in November when she was in a vehicle outside Sherman Hills.  The first degree murder conviction in Luzerne County comes with an automatic life sentence.

A few hours later, shots were fired at the troubled housing complex in Wilkes-Barre.  Officers tell Newswatch 16 someone shot into an apartment at Sherman Hills but no one was home at the time.  Police think it is related to the conviction of Evans but did not comment as to why.

Sherman Hills has been the scene of many violent crimes over the past two years.




  • toomany

    Jp. Involving children and youth without cause is tantamount to a police state. Not to mention the amount of actual cases this office has that don’t receive nearly the attention they should, now your asking for even more cases that aren’t even necessary. What kind of solution is this? This would only serve to take even more time away from the cases of the children that do require attention. And just to be clear, people who live in subsidized housing are not drug dealing criminals who are bad parents. They are unfortunately forced to live in places where there is an influx of criminal element. In the case of Sherman Hills, if it can’t be policed properly or have the criminal element removed, then it needs to be shut down and the individuals and families who are decent law abiding citizens relocated.

    • deborahrmorgan

      The point is that a housing project should not HAVE to be policed….unless we`re a 3rd world country. So……lets just have it shut down… council can do that…..,what are they waiting for.

  • JP

    The new owners need to implement a no BS policy, and the city/state needs to help them enforcing it. By that I mean let the new owners to evict without due process, if they are not paying there rent, are involved in illegal activity, etc. Anyone with kids in this complex should be checked frequently by children and youth. Not saying, some of these people are bad parents but there are definitely safety concerns that need to be addressed for the welfare of the kids. They unfortunately cannot pick their life, and have even fewer options than the people that are putting them in this environment.

  • Scran-Tony

    wouldnt it be a crying shame if one of the methlabs in sherman hills exploded after a gunshot set it off?

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