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High School Senior Dies in Crash

Students at Lewisburg Area High School started school on Wednesday, and said it was a tragic end to their first week of school after they found out one of their classmates died. 17-year-old high school senior Miles Foreman of Lewisburg died in an early morning crash. Friends said he was driving home from work.

“Our second period teacher told us and everything just went downhill. Everyone was really quiet and sad and a bunch of seniors would sit in the halls and cry and stuff,” Tyler Bickhart said.

State police said Foreman lost control of his SUV on Route 45 just west of Paddy Mountain Road near Hartleton.

According to investigators the vehicle’s airbag did not deploy, but Foreman was wearing a seat belt.

“I saw him yesterday, and then I was really shocked when the teacher comes in and says that he’s dead and I was like what? I couldn’t believe it,” Ciera Foulke said.

Ciera Foulke was supposed to have class with Foreman. Instead, she said the lights were turned down and everyone was silent. District officials said Foreman was active in the school’s band, playing the trumpet. The band’s director referred to him as a student leader. School officials also said Foreman was an award-winning photographer and a mentor to other kids.

Foreman’s friends said Miles was really into skateboarding as well. Some of them are even at the skate park near Lewisburg, skateboarding in his honor.

“He was an amazing kid. He didn’t bother nobody. He just came here and skated,” Edward Young said.

Edward Young of Sunbury says he skated with Miles for years. He said he watched him grow up.

“I was skating with him last week. I was up here skating with some of my friends and it’s crazy to hear that and devastating at the same time,” Young said.


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