Downed Power Lines Cause Blackout, Delays in Deliveries

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TAYLOR -- An all-around productive morning at the Stauffer Industrial Park in Taylor came to a halt when a Lackawanna County road worker patching potholes drove a dump truck with the bed still up and took down power lines.

Power was knocked out to the industrial park and more than 2,000 PPL customers in Taylor.

Employees at Northeast Industrial Supply unloaded their morning deliveries in the dark.

No Lackawanna County workers were hurt when the dump truck hit the power lines. The real problems came afterward for the dozens of truck drivers who drive through Stauffer Industrial Park to make deliveries throughout the day.

Those drivers were stalled for hours at the mercy of PPL workers making the repairs.

"I saw all the trucks lined up I thought maybe it was just a line just waiting. I thought that it was just going to be a long wait for that. When I walked up I saw the dump truck with the bed lifted up like that I knew what time it was. I was like, we're in for a long one today," said Adrian Jenkins, a truck driver from Harrisburg.

Trucks that were already on their way into the industrial park when the wires went down had no choice but to sit and wait since there was no room to turn around.

Truckers waited several hours into the afternoon as crews made repairs.



  • shagtastique

    This was no “accident” as mentioned in the first sentence. This was a driver who left the bed up on his truck. Even if he didn’t do it intentionally, he did it. It was either a case of neglect, not paying attention, and/ or not being in control of his vehicle, but it was certainly not an accident.

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