Catalytic Converters Stolen From Vehicles at Three Businesses

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WILKES-BARRE TOWNSHIP -- Police are looking for a thief after several trucks belonging to businesses along Mundy Street near Wilkes-Barre had catalytic converters stolen from them.

U-Haul, Nationwide Car Sales, and Ashley Furniture all had vehicles tampered with.  Authorities did not have an estimate of the value of the converters stolen.

Catalytic converters are part of the vehicle's exhaust system and can be worth hundreds of dollars.

Most of the crimes were reported this week.


  • Get Tough

    Its fair to say 70 percent of all thieves get caught and are sent to jail, but the sad thing is only about 10 percent of their victims ever get restitution for the true amount of damages caused, and the tax dollars spent to house them in jail also becomes the tax payers burden “Sad” We need a new “LAW” 1. The Thieves Beware, when found guilty a chip is to be implanted “Automatic” you are to serve 6 months “Hard Labor” 2. You get “30 days to get a job, you are required to pay double, restitution, plus all room and board on the tax dollars spent on you punishment, If you fail to make your payments for restitution, you are to be brought back and spend another 3 months of hard labor. and so forth. And this stuff will come to an end. “STOP GIVING CRIMINALS JAIL RIGHTS”

  • toomany

    Drugs. Salvage yards shouldn’t be able to take items like these without proof of ownership. Obviously, if someone comes in with a bunch of catalytic converters it should raise some red flags. Duh!

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