Fire Hits Main Street in Stroudsburg, Again

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STROUDSBURG - Another fire strikes a downtown building in Stroudsburg.  This is the third fire on Main Street in two months.

Fire crews rushed to unravel hose here at The Old Holland Thread Mill building, as smoke could be seen coming from the windows.

Joan Propst works in one of the offices on the first floor and says she heard the fire alarm, but didn't think anything of it.

"To tell you the truth I thought somebody was running a vacuum cleaner.  And it turned out it was the fire alarm," said Joan Propst of Pocono Management Services.

Many of the others evacuated from the 10 businesses and 30 apartments say they didn't realize the alarms were for the real deal.

"I thought it was like a fire drill and that we weren't notified.  You never think it's going to be the real thing. That's the scary part you know," said Emily Kirkwood of the Department of Aging.

Fire officials say the fire started in the kitchen of this apartment.

This object, or whatever's left of it was on the stove and caught fire.

Emily Kirkwood saw the apartment owner rush from her downstairs office, trying to see what happened.

"They wouldn't let her up.  The smoke was pouring out the window," said Kirkwood.

After everybody was able to get back inside the building, only one apartment was unlivable and some businesses are cleaning up some smoke and water damage.

"I noticed my beautiful desk and computer and everything else that was completely soaked.  There are parts of the office that are almost ankle deep of water," said A & M Industrial employee Angie Fuhrer.

Here in A&M Industrial, water drips onto desks.

Office workers here and inside a neighboring doctor's office are now left mopping up.

This is the third downtown building to burn in the last two months here in Stroudsburg.

"About the last six weeks, one right after another," said Propst.

Now with this latest fire out, workers and tenants say there's one thing to be thankful for.

"At least everybody's safe, that's the only thing we can be thankful for right now," said Natasha Edinger of Pocono Medical Services.

The owner of the building does have insurance and says cleanup was starting immediately.

Fire officials believe this latest downtown blaze was accidental.