Philly Fever Hits South Williamsport

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SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT -- People waited in line for more than three and a half hours Wednesday morning for a free ticket for the Pennsylvania vs. Nevada game. The line wrapped almost all the way around the stadium to the first base line.

Philadelphia fever hit South Williamsport as the excitement over the Taney Dragons and its star pitcher Mo'ne Davis continues.

Tickets for the Pennsylvania vs. Nevada game were made available at noon, but people lined up way before that. Bill Henry of Williamsport was the first person in line.

"I was up here early. It was 7:30 in the morning. Down below, yeah, waiting to get in down below," Henry said.

Most people weren't too far behind.

"We got at the top gate, we ran in, and there were still people ahead of us. I don't know how those guys are faster than us, but they did good," Michael Saylor said.

There are 3,500 seats inside Lamade Stadium. Many are reserved for parents and handicapped people, so that leaves 2,800 tickets. The ticket line wrapped almost all the way around Lamade Stadium. People read, did crossword puzzles, and took naps as they waited in line.

"The Phillies aren't doing well and as my son had pointed out, why go there when we can go see a team who is really doing well and be with the kids? And we're real supportive of Taney," Jeff Specter said.

And you don't need tickets to watch the game from the outfield. Many people say they're perfectly content setting up their stuff on the hill and watching the game from there.

"I think you get a better view out here on top of the hill. You can see all parts of the hill. If you're in the bleachers, you're crowded," Peter Kasinecz said.

But not everyone in line was a Pennsylvania fan.

When asked why his son was wearing the opposing team, Sailor laughed, "Why? Because he is looking to give Dad a hard time."