More Charges Against Accused Burglar in Scranton

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SCRANTON -- People in Scranton's North End neighborhood are breathing a sigh of relief since Police filed more charges against a suspected burglar.

Jose Alvarado of Scranton is now charged with a total of eight burglaries. Police said Alvarado  committed those burglaries over the course of one night last week when most of the alleged victims were at home in their beds.

Alvarado agreed to show police all the homes he said he burglarized last week. But while on that drive through the north end of the city, Alvarado made a break for it. He jumped out of the patrol car window. He didn't get far, and is now charged with escape along with 28 burglary related charges.

That came as a big relief to Janine McGoff and her family.

"I think its going to take a little time because I still have that paranoia that isn't going away quite yet. I hope in time that I'll be able to sleep comfortably," McGoff said.

McGoff said her purse, a laptop, and her son's Xbox were stolen. She thinks Alvarado spent a long time in her home while her entire family was asleep. It's one of the reasons she hasn't been able to sleep since.

"He had to have been in my front room for quite a long time disconnecting all of that, his Xbox. And we were sleeping right above. That definitely freaked me out."

Lester Beggs has replaced his tenants' basement door on Marvine Avenue since they were burglarized the same night last week.
He, too, was relieved to hear Alvarado faces charges for all the burglaries that happened that night, but just in case took precautions if this ever happens again.

"I got new locks, locks on their doors, and I'm going to improve my locks, get more security lighting," Beggs said.

Scranton police said they caught Alvarado because a home had security cameras installed. They were then able to spot Alvarado's vehicle.

Alvarado was arraigned Wednesday on charges tied to seven burglaries. He was also charged with escape for trying to run from officers. He's locked up at the Lackawanna County Prison.


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