Making It Safer to Cross the Street in Honesdale

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HONESDALE -- Two intersections in downtown Honesdale have flashing lights to warn drivers that someone may be crossing the street.

On Wednesday crews installed the warning lights on Main Street and on Church Street.

Both streets became one-way a few years ago.

The borough wants the warning lights to help prevent anyone from being hurt crossing the busy road.

Within three years, borough officials hope to have every intersection in Honesdale equipped with warning lights. They've applied for grants to cover the nearly $150,000 cost.

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  • bobc74

    I live in Kingston. Several years ago I spent a year working at a store in the plaza outside of town. The issue with people crossing the street wasn’t at intersections. It was all the people who just randomly walked out into the street BETWEEN the intersections and expected cars to stop for them, even though they were clearly no where near a crosswalk.

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