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Crews Begin Fixing Up the Electric City Sign

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SCRANTON -- Workers have started replacing light bulbs on the Electric City sign in downtown Scranton.

Bulbs have been burning out and the city didn't have money to replace them, so organizers of La Festa Italiana offered to pay to fix the sign.

The sign will feature bulbs in new colors.

The work is being done by Mac Signs in Scranton.

Officials hope to have the sign ready in time for the festival on Labor Day weekend.


  • justcurious2

    In the newspaper it said that La Festa would pay up to $10,000. I was just wondering how much the sign was going to cost, and if it is more than $10,000, who is paying the rest?

    • ryry

      Well, one residential indoor LED bulb cost $10-$50. And that sign looks like it has a lot of bulbs… Lol
      But, If it has 1000 bulbs, and they are $10 each, that’s $10,000.

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