Car Crashes into Home, Scaring Grandmother and Kids

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STROUD TOWNSHIP -- It was a scary situation near Stroudsburg Wednesday afternoon. A car crashed right into a home off North 5th Street, while the owner was watching her two grandkids.

It was late afternoon when Lois Nardi of Stroud Township said she was watching the new Scooby-Doo movie with her 5-year-old twin grandchildren. All of a sudden a loud crashing noise sent them running to safety.

"We were watching TV and there was just this big explosion and the whole window came flying in the living room, and I just grabbed their hands," said Nardi.

An SUV ended up crashing through two sets of bushes around 2 p.m. and hit the home. It scared both Nardi and her two grandchildren, who took off running, not really knowing what just happened.

"It was so scary. Everything just came flying through in front of us," said Nardi.

Police said the driver, a woman in her 50s, seemed to lose control and had nowhere to go.

"The vehicle was pulling to the side and she lost brakes and went and hit the house," said Stroud Area Regional Police Cpl. Thomas Lemond.

The woman's 18-month-old granddaughter in the back seat was shaken up, but everyone walked away unharmed.

A gas leak kept crews on scene for a little while, diverting traffic for about an hour and a half.

Nardi said she's just thankful this is the only damage.

"They could have been playing on the floor, where they color and everything. They color right there. They play right there. And thank God they were sitting back on the couch with me," said Nardi.


  • Joseph

    Accidents like this happen due to “Anti-Lock Brakes” on all newer vehicles. Back in the older days, you could push hard on the brake pedal and slide the tires. Not with today’s newer vehicles with A-L Brakes. You CANNOT lockup and slide the tires which causes folks to think their brakes have failed. The effect of Anti-Lock brakes is to push hard on the brake pedal (which gives you maximum braking effect, better than sliding the tires) and STEERING AROUND the problem. Todays newer vehicles are safer than older cars but todays drivers are misinformed about their vehicles capabilities.

  • K

    This is uber-stupid, like the fourth one this summer so far? How do these cars end up driving into houses? Glad the family is ok. And these drivers run off like they won’t be found ever? Sometimes this place feels like the twilight zone!

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