Update: Police Continue to Investigate Robbery in Scranton

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SCRANTON -- Two men were questioned by police after a hold up at a home late Monday night.

Officers took two men into custody around 1 a.m. at the intersection of Kurtz Street and Mark Avenue in Dunmore.

Police have not given their names, but told Newswatch 16 the men were questioned and released.

Investigators said they are still investigating the robbery at a home on Short Avenue in Scranton just after 11:30 p.m. Monday.

Police have not said what was taken from the home.


  • toomany

    Deborahmorgan, I hope for your sake your moving to some remote location devoid of humans. There’s crime everywhere unfortunately.

    • E

      TOOMANY Yes there is crime everywhere, however the TYPE of crimes being committed and the AMOUNT of crime is what matters. Making some vague statement to try and defend your home town is meaningless. Lol. I hope you don’t actually believe “everywhere” as you put it is like Scranton, because it is not. Although I’ve noticed the only way most Scranton locals can cope with the environment they have created is to try and convince themselves that “everywhere” is like Scranton.

  • deborahrmorgan

    Like i said everyday there is a shooting a stabbing and a robbery……in rhis area……..im moving ……thats my plan …….i dontwant to live around a bunch of criminals.

    • Jennifer

      im out too!! I actually WORK and WENT TO COLLEGE… but also b/c of our lovely governor uncle tommy I cant even get a decent job here! my cousin works for the prison and she said they outright tell her they come here from NY b/c NY has waiting lists for food stamps etc…its easier and faster here in pa. once they get established (housing) they send for their friends/family! they also say its cheaper to make drugs in pa and easy to sell them!!!! so sad! I said its a matter of time b4 scranton becomes a blood soaked war zone!! #ashamedofmyhometown

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