Teachers on Strike in Millville, Classes Cancelled

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MILLVILLE -- There is no school until further notice in the Millville Area School District due to a teachers' strike, according to school officials.

The district and teachers could not come to an agreement at a meeting Tuesday evening.

The representative for the teachers said the teachers have been working without a contract since January 2012.

PSEA Representative, Mark McDade said the district hasn’t given its 62 teachers a raise in more than two years.

Other negotiating points are an increase in healthcare costs and more incentives within professional development.


  • Concerned Citizen

    I will first say that I am not a professional, I did not attend college and am in my 50’s. I also will say that all you people running down teachers are being ridiculous and mean. How can you state facts that they don’t work or are babysitter’s. These people have attended college for 4 or more years and have obtained these jobs because of training and are professionals. Those of you who think they are rich are sadly mistaken. I have two in my family and they in no way are any way near being rich. Why run down a person because they had ambition to get a degree and want to help children. NO one in this field could be in it for the BIG bucks, they have to love what they do and if by chance there is a bad one, it happens, in every field. The facts are public on this strike provided if you look for them, find out details before running them down, yelling at the strikers, blaming them for the kids not being back to school. I highly doubt these teachers are having a good time. They will be attending school into the summer next year if things are not straightened out. They have to do this!!

  • Polly

    1 in 5 teachers have left Millville school in the last 5 years for a school with better pay/benefits/working conditions. The teachers union has offered a proposal that will not raise taxes and includes a lower raise than the board is currently proposing. SUPPORT the teachers at a board meeting, get the kids back in school!

  • Garben

    Ps your teachers chose your profession much like we all do I say online charter schools 100 percent close all the public funded schools down period and privatize them

  • Garben

    Hey Andrew how much for health insurance you figure in your math? Oh that’s right it’s free unlike myself it’s another $780 a month

    • Patricia

      I doubt you pay 780 dollars a month for insurance BY yourself, that’s more than some rent. The teachers already pay towards the insurance now, most employers have contributions. Who are you to say that they are overpaid?? Do you know anything concerning this, if you didn’t go to college it’s YOUR fault that you don’t make enough? Don’t run down good people who try to help our children learn. Do you even know anything about this district to even be mouthing off?

    • Andrew

      Have you even met a teacher in the last 10 Years? I know several Teachers from Several School Districts from Multiple Counties and a few from NJ and NONE get Free healthcare as you say, the one teacher HAD(as in no longer) a Zero deductible . Which is NOT the same as “Free healthcare” (I wonder how you get your “Facts”)

      You must be confusing your children’s educators with welfare recipients.

      As I said (reading what people say helps when you are trying to argue against) I averaged the taxes and healthcare to be about 30% of their income Not a dollar amount. This could be much more no doubt. I went on the low side of my estimate.

      Lets take my example of a teachers expenses and say its 40% for taxes AND healthcare.

      That means they have 21,000 net incomes with 23,280 worth of expenses. So they are negative 2,280. So what is a teacher to do? Default on their student loans, budget , eat Roman Noodles? I got it you want teachers to go on Food Stamps/Welfare so they don’t raise your taxes right?


      GARBEN I am calling you a Liar, there is no way you ALONE are paying 780 a month. In the small chance I am wrong, I highly suggest you get off of WNEP and look for better insurance.

      Start here

      You also Stated Teachers should be paid on a commission.
      Do you want your teachers to be Salesman or Teachers? Are you even trying to make a point or just say words?

      If you are worried about your local taxes why don’t you ask how the school district spends there money besides on teacher salary?

      I know one school that bought EVERY Student a MAC BOOK PRO. The following year they laid off several teachers. That is incredible stupid for multiple reasons, the least is most business (slowly changing trend) do not use MACs.

  • Garben

    Teachers should be paid on a commission basis if you don’t sell the education you don’t get pay. Teachers are way overpaid for their pathetic 180 days of duty. Like in Danville last year the picket sign said “it’s not about the money” then what the hell is it about

    • Patricia

      It’s clear you’re an unhappy person to say such horrible things about people, my kids always had teachers who helped shape their lives, there are a few exceptions as in any profession, but for you to just say this is ridiculous!

  • Andrew

    I laughs at you people who are “Teachers are the devil rant, how dare they try and have decent living”

    Here are some facts.

    We just signed a bill to spend 3.7 BILLION Dollars spent on ILLEGALS (people who pay NO TAXES at all) at the border.

    In 2012 we spent 37,680,000,000 on Foreign Aid. (People who pay NO TAXES at all)

    Do you not think there are better ways to spend our hard earned tax dollars? Maybe we can spend that money on schools in America?

    The average cost of a Bloomsburg 4 year degree is now 70,901.19, with interest at 4.7 interests the monthly student loan is 590 dollars .

    Not all teachers will strike; some will just look for better opportunity. Maybe to a neighboring school district maybe out of state, would you really want to lose your top teachers for a 20 dollar a year increase on your taxes?

    Kids should look up to and respect their teachers. You are less likely to learn if you do not respect who you are learning from. If a teacher shows up in old clothes and junky beater car because they cannot afford any better the kids are less likely to learn because they do not respect them.

    Let’s do some math, Here would be a typical teachers expenses

    590 Student loans
    700 Rent
    200 Food/Gas
    250 Car/insurance
    100 Internet/TV
    100 Phone

    Total 1940 per month,
    Total per year 23280.

    So let’s say that taxes and health care is 30% and this teacher earns 35,000.(around average starting salary)

    So this Teachers net income per year is 24500 and they spend 23280. That leaves them with a whooping 1220 a year to save/emergencies . You can adjust the numbers and so forth but it’s still not a nice living for someone who spent 4 years of their life for this.

    You might say”Dont be a teacher”
    SOMEBODY has to teach our kids. Think about who you would want to be around your kids for 7/8 hours a day.

    I am not saying teachers should have the newest Benz and 5 car garage. They should have a respectable living. They are after all shaping America’s future.

    Now here are some other things to think about before you go dislike my comments lets follow some simple logic.

    Better teacher’s means kids learn more.
    The more kids learn the less likely they are to, be in gangs, commit violent crime.
    The less crime the less taxes that are needed to be spent on Prisons/ Cops ect.
    The better the education the higher chance you will earn more money.
    The more money you earn the higher chance of owning a more expensive home.
    The more expensive homes will generate more tax revenue.
    The more tax revenue earned the less likely to have taxes raised.

    By following simple logic by INVESTING in TODAYS kids (TOMORROWS Future) we will have a better community, with less crime and less taxes.

    Keep hating on Teachers because you are just hating on America.

  • Patricia

    how can you imply that teacher’s don’t work. I am not a teacher but I know a few, and they can’t just go home and be with their family every night. They have grading, mentoring, tutoring, additional schooling.

  • Jimmy

    It’s a shame everyone has such strong opinions about something they only heard about through the news. Get the facts and you may appreciate a teacher.

  • Justin

    I have been working without a contract for a little while now with the department of corrections, could you imagine if we all went on strike? Think about that, a couple thousand inmates with nobody there to baby sit them. These teachers make a lot more than we do and work half as much, I’m sure there are people out there willing to do what they do for half the benefits.

    • Patricia

      Did you attend 4 years of college? Do you have student loans and additional schooling loans these teachers have, do you know any of the facts concerning this strike??

    • Marie

      The DOC has been without a contract since July 1, not a substantial amount of time. PSCOA has binding arbitration. Teachers do not have that option; that’s why they can strike. DOC workers actually have better benefits(retirement, healthcare) than teachers. Teachers need a bachelors degree. DOC’s COs need a GED. Get your facts straight.

      • get real people

        I know a few CO’s that made over 100,000K last year, which makes their retirement higher because of that. And you do just that, babysit. Must be nice sitting with your feet up making over 100K, because that’s what they did and would admit that! You said it right when you said babysit, you’re wrong and obviously didn’t do well in school because it’s not “baby sit.” Another example of why education is important!

    • Patricia

      What an insult to people who took the time to get an education and actually care about the welfare of our children! Very sad that people can hate on individuals they know nothing about!

  • wiseguy71

    I wonder what their union dues are a month? Probably enough to cover the health care cost. Why do teachers need a union anyway?

  • Tony

    I haven’t gotten a raise in 2 years and my health care costs have gone up, why should they be any different?

    • Andrew

      You are not any different , If you have a Union ask them to stand up to your business and ask for a raise/better Health Care. If you are not in a Union you still are 100% Free to look for a better employment. I recently left my job of Five years for similar reasons…….Do you know who is stopping YOU from getting a better job?

      Lets Poll the Audience

      What is stopping Tony from getting a better job?

      A) The Republicans
      B) Obamacare
      C) Tony
      D) Teachers

  • Frank DeNunzio II

    Here we go again — Their union is complaining about healthcare — all because teachers unions don’t want to do what the rest of us who aren’t teachers already do —- either pay into benefits, because there are some contracts out their there the teachers pay nothing for themselves and just pay for family; or pay a little more into the benefits; or pay more for copays…and they never want to do this… You know at least 75% of us out there who don’t get our benefits for free, have paid more over time into benefits and now have policies with either higher copays or deductibles or both. It’s time for teachers to wake up and join the real world. It’s not like they aren’t making money. Many of these teachers make more than the $9 to $12 and hours than many of us make.

    • Patricia

      Okay, so let me get this straight you know the salaries of these individuals? You also know everything going along with this strike?? Why are you generalizing? Most teachers I know do not make BIG money, And they also spent a lot of money for a college degree and are still paying loans and have to be continuing their education even on the job. I know I wouldn’t want to stand in a picket line if I could just do my job. The media doesn’t post every detail of a strike. Unless you know all the facts you can’t really run down a person for choosing a job that is very hard to do in my opinion. I did not attend college nor did I complain about individuals that did have the ambition to get a degree.

  • Charlie Lucky

    “Other negotiating points are an increase in healthcare costs and more incentives within professional development”. I am guessing this means, teachers go back to school and we pay for it, then when they come back to work, they get a raise because they have a new degree, and we pay for it. Prolly doing the same job, but higher pay grade, NICE!

    • get real people

      Oh no! They want to better educate themselves so they can better educate our kids! This is so terrible and definitely not helpful to us. I mean, it’s not like other jobs aren’t like that. Examples in that area? Geisinger, Bloomsburg University…? Oh, so Bloomsburg you can earn degrees basically for free if your work there… and it’s funded by the state. You are a moron. Plain and simple. Shouldn’t have dropped out or gotten bad grades!

    • Concerned Citizen

      Homeschooling is fine if that is what you choose to do. I don’t think you choose it though because of the teachers wages or anything to do with teachers. Even if you choose homeschooling you will be paying taxes regardless. Most people I know including myself have thought about doing homeschool because of the environment our children are in, because of how we have raised our children. It is our responsibility to control our mouths and our actions in front of our children, if we do not, more than likely we raise children who act the same as us. The ONLY reason I considered it was to limit the exposure of my kids being corrupted by other students or getting into bad habits, nothing to do with the teachers, which I in the end chose to teach my kids. I did not have any teacher in the 12 years my children attended public school, corrupt or hurt them, if you did I am sorry that would be an exception I think.

  • Mary

    Several years ago professors at public universities in Pennsylvania began contributing to their health care costs. Why should teachers at local public schools expect to be treated any differently?

    • Patricia

      This is not the issue though, all these people are liking this comment on the fact that everyone thinks this strike is just to get healthcare paid for, wrong, there are many issues to do with this strike. Before you comment on an issue do research and make sure you know all the facts!

  • POOR Teachers BooHooBOOHoo

    Yep I hope teachers get there raise, heck how about 100K dollars would that be good? Yep lets just raise our taxes even more will get like other areas that followed that philosophy…say Scranton…yep taxes are so high they can’t give homes away… hmmm should i mention Crestwood School taxes yep there starting to see people not want to live there cause taxes are insane! I think the teachers should get all benefits free its not fare you only work 185days a year and like my kids tell me there is only 1 outa 4 teachers who actually teach. The rest just let you breeze on by. You should just do a holdup for money on the citizens thats what a strike is!

    • Patricia

      How can you make such a statement, I bet you don’t know any of the facts concerning this strike?? And… why are you commenting on a strike when you live in the Scranton area? And how can you judge ALL teachers on a few poor ones your kids may have had!

      • get real people

        Hey. Don’t worry. After seeing the wonderful grammer, punctuation and spelling, they obviously didn’t like or do well in school. I pity the teachers that have to deal with morons like that! Prime example of why they aren’t paid enough!

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