Students Gain Valuable Work Experience While Volunteering

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EDWARDSVILLE -- Future electricians have been getting first-hand experience working on a home for the less fortunate in Luzerne County.

On Monday 13 students from Fortis Institute in Forty Fort began installing wiring at a Habitat for Humanity home under construction in Edwardsville.

“This is a win-win initiative for our students, who benefit from gaining hands-on experience while performing a worthwhile community service,” said Fortis Institute electrical instructor John Dorman, who helped coordinate the partnership with Habitat for Humanity.

Their work is expected to wrap up Wednesday.


  • Eyes Wide OPEN

    Ya they built a H4H house in Wapwallopen given away to “needy family of course deserving” well it only took 12-15years and the house is border lined condemned. Yep help those who need out. Well proven fact if you constantly help those who need they won’t help themselves. I seen it with that family getting all the freebies! Ya go ahead say I’m mean and so on but for the most part the ones who are needy well 90% AREN”T there just playing the system. Look at the people on disability heck my neighbor well there disabled but they chop wood just ok and go fishing and hunting no problem. Yep it don’t even matter you can report all you want there overrun and noone cares!!!!!! COUNTY IN BAD SHAPE

  • Keith Hinkel

    I really hate to comment on volunteering BUT NEVER VOLUNTEER! I did 3 times years ago. I then deducted as IRS PUB 17 stated I could. NOT! IRS audited me, I spent 5 years arguing my deductions to no avail, finally paying the IRS when they froze my checking account. had no choice. The amount IRS wanted?==$27.65. yep. Go ahead volunteer but do not try to deduct your expenses, under law, IRS will come for you. Get paid— no volunteering ever.

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