Police Search for Attempted Homicide Suspect in Hit and Run

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BERWICK -- Police in Berwick are still searching for a man involved in a hit and run that happened Monday afternoon at the intersection of Ida Street and Susquehanna Avenue.

Investigators said James Kemp, 31, of New York intentionally hit William Humphries, 34.

Police said it all escalated after an argument about drugs at a nearby Sunoco gas station.

Police said a few minutes later, Kemp ran over the man, dragging his body about 10 yards.

One neighbor who lives nearby heard everything happen inside of her home.

"I heard this, it sounded like a bomb was going off, so I got up and come to the door and my neighbor said, 'Call 911,'" Charlene Vandermark said.

When she came outside, she found the victim lying in the middle of the road.

Vandermark said he was bleeding profusely from his head, and his leg appeared to be broken.

"He had a big gash on the back of his head and blood was just oozing out. I just thought that it was terrible. No matter what you do, yeah, they're on drugs and everything, but nobody has the right to do that to another person," Vandermark said.

Police said Kemp tried to hit the man a second time but failed.

Investigators found his car a few blocks away along West Front Street.

At this point police said Kemp, who also goes by the nickname "Coke," is still on the run.

Police said this isn't the first time they have been on the lookout for Kemp.

According to online court documents, Kemp has been charged with possession of drugs in both Bloomsburg and Berwick.

Police in Berwick told Newswatch 16 they have seized both cocaine and heroin from Kemp and consider him a drug dealer.

People who live in the area say the drug problem in Berwick is getting out of hand.

"It started little and now it keeps getting bigger and bigger with the meth, the heroin. It's horrible," one woman said.

Police told Newswatch 16 William Humphries was in surgery Monday night and Tuesday morning. While his current condition is unknown, police said he had broken bones in his left leg.

They also believe he suffered head injuries and internal injuries.

Anyone who may know where James Kemp is, is asked to call police in Berwick.

James Kemp faces attempted homicide and aggravated assault charges.

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