Kenneth Evans Homicide Trial Begins

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WILKES-BARRE -- A homicide trial is underway for the man accused of killing a woman in the Sherman Hills housing complex in Wilkes-Barre.

Opening statements began Tuesday morning at the Luzerne County Courthouse in the trial of Kenneth Evans.

Police say Evans shot Shantique Goodson last November after an argument at the troubled housing complex.

Investigators said Evans and Goodson were previously arrested for selling heroin.

According to court workers, the woman who dropped Goodson off at the hospital testified against Evans Tuesday.

More witnesses are expected to take the stand on Wednesday.


  • Babiie

    To : JUSTICE
    Thanks for standing up for my brother, he’s an innocent man & he will get justice & as for all the other people that said kill my brother I hope y’all go get help honestly
    ~ Sincerely Kenneth Evans Sister

  • justice

    Oh so help that court system an the judge causehe had witness for his case but the system didn’t even put them on the stand why is that but this case will kum forth again an he will be a free man
    Stateing facts he wanted to fire that lawyer but the judge to him that the lawyer no best umm my team will be in that system next month an when we do I hope that , that county ready also illegal matters took place in that court room paying to undercover to fram that young man u just wait till the higher courts see what the courts have turnd law in to they own hands …. most of all she we have people all threw the courts an jails that work for our system y’all killing people every day that jail had mold every where but yet never replaid back to us as far as they took the law we will help fight for what’s right not what’s goin down to the family of Kenneth Evans we belive u an have proff we just recived thanks to the jury that got paid to keep that man behind bars key word slince wins the race

  • justice

    As a out sider lookin in an reading the papers an watching how the law bash this young man is not right first off he has a right to a fare trail an he has a right just as well as any one else
    Facts: she was band from the property for shoting at a pregant
    women while carrying child an walking with child… read the papers … which was his sister she shot at if he wanted revange that would of happens years ago …
    I feel that the courts an judge’s an lawyer need to be checked out it’s not only him who faced the courrption it’s most of themthemen that’s locked up who need a retrial ….
    Facts: me ms colons feels that ‘re trail need to be done for 22 homiceds if u don’t no now u will next year when I’m in office …
    Facts: crowford was dateing me Godson older sister which she was seting up young men to get her husband out of the fds but he home how is that when he had 25more years to go .
    Facts: how is the godson family tryna get money out of Sherman hills when she was banded from Sherman hills ugh don’t get caught up in the hype of that town pa or news cause that money should not be given to here family at all …
    Facts: if that’s the case why did y’all give her back the jeep she got caught in selling drugs in the gun she got caught with with one in the head to protect her drugs an her girl friend who was driving the jeep understand if u caught her in that jeep as y’all said on tv an in the news papers selling dope crack why did she get the jeep back drugs back an gun state facts sumthing not right

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