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Graphic Testimony from Husband of I-80 Rock Throwing Victim

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LEWISBURG — Randy Budd testified it was the most gruesome thing he has ever seen, describing his wife being hit by a rock while riding along Interstate 80 in Union County last month.  Budd took the stand Tuesday morning to testify at the preliminary hearing for one of the four teenagers charged with tossing rocks off a bridge along I-80 near Milton.

“It felt like an explosion went into the car, grenade-like,” said Budd.

Police say Sharon Budd was hit in the face with the rock. She lost an eye and had brain surgery. Her husband Randy has told Newswatch 16 his wife will never be the same.

“It was the most gruesome thing I’ve ever, ever seen,” testified Randy Budd. He gave graphic details as he described horrific injuries to his wife that night in July. Prosecutors also played a 911 recording from Randy’s call for help.

“She is grasping for her life. Half her brain is out. Oh my God,” he told a 911 dispatcher.

Prosecutors are presenting evidence in their case against 18-year-old Brett Lahr.  The other three teens, Dylan Lahr, Tyler Porter and Keefer McGee, all gave up their right to hearings.  Investigators say the four went on a mission of destruction that night, doing damage at a farm and then the rock throwing on I-80.

In a surprising move, Keefer McGee took the stand to testify against his friends.

“I’m just doing it because I feel bad for the family,” said McGee.

The district attorney said McGee may ultimately plead guilty to a felony aggravated assault charge.

McGee testified that the boys stole steaks from a supermarket before they drove through a cornfield and threw rocks.

“We gathered rocks to throw at cars, parked cars that is,” testified McGee.  “We were all laughing and thinking it was funny.”


  • Richthecopyguy

    I’ve only heard it second hand from some friends that had the “good fortune” to go to school with these fine individuals, but from what I’ve heard they were a real bunch of turds in school. I had the privilege of attending Milton H.S. graduation this spring and I must say I was extremely impressed with the overall character of the student body. Its unfortunate that these four knuckleheads had to put a black mark on the community in which they were raised. God Bless the Budd family. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. (Well maybe my worst enemy)

  • sandi cuevas

    Karma is needed in this situation, and l don’t mean good karma, what the hell is this world heading to, no forgiveness here, what goes around, comes around, remember that Darcy !!!

  • melonie

    Darcy, is that a threat? Hmmmm…… Doesn’t sound good….. Question, what I’d it was your mother or loved one? How would you feel then?

  • tom

    The boys look like spoiled brats-probably do nothing wrong in their parents eyes.How about we stone them for a while-let the victims husband & daughter go first-them a few more folks can help out.

  • Callisto

    What is wrong with the goofy girls swinging their arms like 5-year old children behind one of the accused in the newscast? To them, this is all a joke. I guess this is the element that surrounds these punks.

  • Diane S.

    What is it with teens in PA? Last April 3 were charged with killing a donkey, now this? Incredible. WHERE ARE THE PARENTS?!?

    • Bre

      It’s everywhere, not just PA. I just moved back to PA after two years in TX. You think they are bad here don’t ever go to TX.

      • tom

        We are in a ME society-parents are busy doing their own thing.Kids are often left on their own to do their own thing. I think the majority of parents are morans. I’ve watched parents texting-gabbing on cell phones while kids are running around a store acting like animals.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Let the husband deliver the punishment! No loss to society here, no allowance for recovery or counseling for these thugs.

  • K

    ““We gathered rocks to throw at cars, parked cars that is,” testified McGee. “We were all laughing and thinking it was funny.” What a blathering idiot!
    “Investigators say the four went on a mission of destruction that night, doing damage at a farm and then the rock throwing on I-80.” Now allow me to sign the sorry-a** song so many in NEPA sing on behalf of their dysfunctional and destructive children; ready la-la-la there’s nothing for them to do around here.
    Read a book, get a job, go to church on Sundays and join a youth group, volunteer, learn an instrument, or if all else fails? try staying home and stay out of trouble! Investigate in your areas, (this is your responsibility parents!), PRODUCTIVE AND POSITIVE things to get involved in!

  • MQ

    Not a week after this horrific incident , did we hear of yet another group of young boys ( on ATV’s) who flagged down an 18 wheeler , and when he slowed, they proceeded to break his windshield too with large rocks…. causing fear damage and injury. It is time for an example to be made and for follow up to be done. These boys near Danville must be punished severely for their lack of concern for human life, and ANY others caught doing similar should suffer harsher than usual punishments to deter copycat behaviors like we are already seeing. Has anyone caught the second group of boys ?? ( story was aired on WNEP too)

  • Robert M Bauersmith

    Twenty years each, no parole, should be about right but if a judge thinks thirty is better I’m OK with that as well. The system needs to send a strong message that this kind of stupidity will not be tolerated and will be dealt with harshly!

  • Kathy Winner

    These men need to do jail time and then they should have to pay for her medical needs for life! Darcy I hope this doesn’t ever happen to your family, those people will NEVER be the same.

    • Kat

      I agree. I don’t even think they feel bad about this. If they are capable if doing this kind of thing for fun what else will they do. What else have they done in the past?

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