Execution Warrant Signed, People React

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MONROE COUNTY -- October 14th, 2014 is the scheduled date of Michael Parrish's execution.

Governor Corbett signed the execution warrant on Monday for the man from Monroe County.

Parrish is serving time in a state prison near Pittsburgh.

A jury convicted Parrish of murdering his 19-month-old son Sidney and his girlfriend, Victoria Adams in 2009 at the family's home near Effort, in Monroe County.

The news of the execution warrant this week reminded people in the Effort area of Parrish's crimes and how they felt when they heard he shot his own child a dozen times.

"Then on top of that, killing the person you loved and had that baby with is just not right. It's completely wrong," said Philip Brogan of Effort.

The prosecutor who handled the Parrish case, Michael Mancuso, told Newswatch 16 he was "a little surprised," and did not quite expect the execution warrant so soon.

There is still the possibility of a federal appeal.

If Parrish is executed this fall, he will be the first execution in Pennsylvania since 1999, when notorious Philadelphia killer Gary Heidnik was put to death.

"I'm not sure anyone deserves to die. It's hard to say. I can't judge that. But it's been done by people that are in the authority and it's gonna happen," said Dylan Alex of Effort.

"It's crazy. I've got a son who's 11, so I understand. It's crazy. It's a shame. I don't know what made him do it, but he deserves death, 100 percent," said Mark Everet of Effort.

According to the State Department of Corrections, there are 184 inmates on death row right now, 181 men and 3 women.

"I think it's wrong, but also at the same time, I think it is justified for a man to be able to take a baby's life like that. It's just not right, so I think I do agree with the death penalty for him," said Brogan.


  • jr

    i agree he should be put to death and so should the other ones who have been on death row …. it cost hard working people money to house and feed these criminals and hire someone to babysit them while in prison …. the also get free health care too …

  • Thereaper

    Good riddens I partially agree but the cleaning out should’ve been done long before these peoples parents did the deed of breeding and possibly their parents also

  • Thereaper

    Fatty1 please give us the details of these tax dollars your talking about what about when we dropped the big 1 ? Oh no kids killed huh? People like you are the reason we need to eliminate welfare

  • Fatty1

    Bush and Obama have lot’s of little children’s blood on their hands considering what they’ve done in the middle east just to line defense companies’ pockets with our tax dollars, why isn’t anyone talking about these criminals?

    • ME2

      You’re talking about it, but what does that have to do with this case? Besides, we live in an imperfect world. If men would stop hating and killing each other, no one would have blood on their hands.

  • Ryan

    I really do believe if you take someone else’s life you should lose yours, Isn’t our country supposed to be about equality? Why should a criminal live and get free meals in a cell when an innocent person lost their life.

  • Good Riddens

    Too bad you will get 20 years to think about it, they should just clean out the waiting line and get the taxes down….I drud having to pay taxes for these people.

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