Contractor Works Around Car in Parking Lot

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MARYWOOD UNIVERSITY -- A contractor in Lackawanna County wasn't going to let anything get in the way of his work day.

The worker arrived at Marywood University Tuesday morning to reseal a parking lot.

One car was left in the lot, but the contractor simply worked around the vehicle.

University officials said they don't know why the contractor didn't call security to have the car towed.

So far, the owner of the car hasn't been identified.


  • bobc74

    No one at WNEP-TV has the connections to find out the owner based on the license plate number? I’d definitely be on that and printing their name all over the internet by now if I was a reporter.

  • Kat

    Too bad they weren’t concerned with the quality of the work. As the contractor I wouldn’t want my name on that job.

    • Contractor Joe

      well its oblivious you never did contractor work, its pretty frustrating when you go to install a hardwood floor tell the homeowner have everything moved out of the way and you get there and there crap piled right up. That wasted time to move this car wasn’t figured in the job. GET A CLUE KAT

  • Way to GOOOOO! I agree stupid person with CAR!

    Well i don’t blame the contractor, as a contractor myself you tell people have parking lot cleared you get there and well a CAR. Oh yeah call the security to get the car towed my workers will just stand around as I lose $$$ waiting on the car to get towed. Finally after 2hours it gets towed. BS contractor did what was right, its the property owner to follow CLEAR instructions. Can’t tell you how many times i show up to a job and tell homeowners to have driveway cleared or something and they don’t!!!!!!!!!!!!

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