Some Schools in the Poconos Closed Wednesday Due to Safety Concerns
State Police Tip Line: 1 (866) 326-7256

Talkback 16: Animal Cruelty, Mall Stores Closing

This edition of Talkback 16 starts with comments about animal cruelty and is capped with reaction to stores closing at a mall.


  • The mall... Lol

    Lol, the caller from Frackville must be the guy that works in “customer service” at the mall. He was defending the mall on Facebook the other day.
    News flash! Yes, the mall is failing its been not even 10 years after it opened. The movie theater was owned by a multimillion dollar company, and they closed it, then someone bought it. I’m sure hes kicking himself now after the piles of money he threw into it. Those two stores aren’t the only stores that have closed, Its now 8 that closed just this year. When Bon-Ton, Sears and/or Kmart finally close the mall will be done for. Sears and Kmart are slating to close tons more of their stores along with RaidoShack. So find a new job while you can.

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