Cleaning Up Campus at ESU

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EAST STROUDSBURG -- East Stroudsburg University is getting spruced up just before students start arriving for the fall semester. But it's not just the maintenance crews helping clean the campus.

On Monday students and staff members spent the day cleaning up all over campus at East Stroudsburg University.

"Just wanted to help the campus look more beautiful than it already is," said Danelle McClanahan.

McClanahan is usually inside one of these buildings working, but instead is helping with the first-ever Campus Clean-Up Day.

She was sprucing up the grounds before first-time college students arrive next week.

"First impressions mean a lot. So if they come here and see the campus is beautiful, they'll feel comfortable in dropping their kids off here," said McClanahan.

Shanece Bryant is a student and ESU staff member as well, and ripped buckets of weeds out of the flower beds, helping get the campus looking its very best.

"Pulled a lot of weeds, picked up the trash and stuff, that's it. Just volunteer a little bit of time," said ESU sophomore psychology major Shanece Bryant.

All of this last minute pruning is usually done by just the maintenance crews, but faculty, students, and staff at ESU say they're happy to lend a hand.

This effort is also helping push faculty, staff and administrators together - usually separated by the buildings and offices they work inside all semester long.

"I think it brings everybody else out to help beautify the campus, to bring community to the campus. Everybody's on the same level.  We're all pulling weeds or picking up trash and I think that's a great thing," said Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs Michael Sachs.

And these volunteers want the crews who do this work year-round to know, they're very much appreciated.

"To let them know that we're here to help them out too, and that we also appreciate what they do, and that it is hard work that they do," said Bryant.

Students will start checking in on campus for the fall semester by the end of the week.