Armed Robbers Hit Fast Food Restaurant in Hazleton

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  • Derrick

    Well I’m 99% positive that the person who robbed KFC was a black guy, he was probably so excited, it was probably like hitting the jackpot, all of that money and all of that chicken in one spot lmao! The white people are the minority these days and hazleton is getting so bad these days with the burglaries, shottings and drugsamd where are the police while all of this is happening? They are to busy pulling me over saying that I went threw a stop sign, which never happened

  • deborahrmorgan

    I keep saying that this area is in crisis…….everyday there is a robbery a shooting abd a drug bust…….and thats just whats reported. …….imagine whats not being reported. …….arm yourselves in anyway legally possible. ……..because by the cops arrive your out!

  • jake

    Thank you Munley’s for voting WITH illegal immigration as you live in mansions in gated communities. Keep advertising so you think everyone forgets.

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