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157th Annual Harford Fair Open For Fun

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HARFORD -- Monday night was filled with the sights and sounds of a really great time as the Harford Fair is back in business once again in Susquehanna County, ringing in its 157th year.

“It is very super fun. It is awesome at the Harford Fair. Come on up,” said Jesse Koch of Harford.

There are plenty of things to do and see with many opting to get their thrills spinning, sliding, and looping through the air.

“My favorite thing is going on rides,” said Joey Gzemski of Mountain Top.

“It was pretty scary if you open your eyes and like it gets you dizzy, like really dizzy,” said Kimberly Bryden of New Milford.

“It just has so many rides and it`s just so fun and it`s just everyone`s happy,” said Jennifer McEwen of Susquehanna.

For many here, this fair is a family tradition.

“Probably 20 years ago I came with my kids and now I`m bringing grandchildren and great-nieces and nephews,” said Nancy Harvatine from Herrick Center.

But of course, the favorite pasttime here is gobbling up all that fair food.

Jordan Holtzman of Great Bend was surprisingly pleased with the peanut butter covered bacon.

“It`s actually pretty good, you'd never think peanut butter and bacon would be good together, but it actually is," said Holtzman.

“Cheesesteak sandwiches with onions and peppers and then french fries and onion rings, good fair food,” said Jimmy Stewart of Ararat.

For local vendors, this fair is good for business.

“It`s very important, we get a lot of people that we wouldn`t get in town,” said Pam Cywinski of Michael Mootz Candy from Hanover Township.

And it`s not all about fun and games, some exhibits offer a little education.

“We teach children where food comes from. We have an artificial cow, so they milk the cow and then they gather eggs from the chickens. They dig potatoes in the potato garden,” said Betsey Supancik, who runs the Farmer for a Day exhibit.

“It`s wonderful. They get to learn. They get to be around this. This is great. You can`t ask for anything better,” said Joseph Souder of West Clifford.

The Harford Fair runs through Saturday, August 23rd. For more information, visit