Chicago Team Draws Attention At Little League World Series

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SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT -- They're the team that has the nation's attention.

The boys from Jackie Robinson West Little League, representing the great lakes region, are playing at the little league world series.

"All the attention all the encouragement they've been getting, the enjoy that. This is something they will never, ever, forget about," said Darold Butler, Great Lakes' Coach.

Great Lakes' shortstop Ed Howard's parents still have to pinch themselves every time they see their son in the infield.

"He's been playing baseball a longtime and Lamade Stadium. This is the greatest moment for him," said Ed Howard, the shortstop's dad.

More people than just the little leaguer's parents are sporting the gold shirts.

Fans from all over are cheering on the team from Chicago.

In fact, more people are watching the Great Lakes team than are watching the Chicago Cubs or White Sox!

"I can definitely believe it. You look around and see great lakes shirts everywhere. Jerseys, hats, everything," said Dean Julian from Staten Island, NY.

But, don't worry, the Jackie Robinson West parent's aren't allowing all the attention to get to their player's heads.

"They're doing very well with it. I don't think they imagined all of this would have taken place," said Calandra Howard, Ed Howard's Mom.

Out of all the support, the team wants to thank its home turf - the city of Chicago - for the encouragement

"Thanks for your support. It's been outstanding," said Howard.

The team from Chicago did lose on Sunday, but they're not out of the competition just yet. The Great Lakes team will play a must-win game against Cumberland, Rhode Island, on 7 p.m. Monday.