Players, Coaches Evacuated from Dorms after Plumbing Problem at Little League World Series

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SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT -- A drop in water pressure followed by a plumbing malfunction caused forced organizers to evacuate around 200 players,coaches, and other officials from the dormitories at the Little League World Series Friday evening.

Saturday morning all were allowed to return, however a water tanker remains on site.

"They shut everything down, went back into the grove area, and discovered a number of toilets that were running, a faucet that was running, and that they think coupled with all of the water use over the course of the day drained the reserve pump," said Stephen Keener, CEO Little League International.

Officials add that Saturday afternoon they discovered the problems with the settings on several gauges along with clogged valves in the pump house at International Grove.

Canadian twins Evan and Emma March headed to their dad's hotel.

"I was kind of happy, because I haven't seen him in a long time so it was pretty nice," said Evan March, Canada.

"I saw the players bus come into the hotel and I thought oh the kids are going to surprise the parents how sweet, then I realized no no," said Derrick March, parent of players. "Then I realized they didn't want to be anywhere near the parents they were just forced to find a place to stay."

While some teams traveled to hotels up to 20 miles away, the delegation from South Korea didn't have to travel too far from International Grove. 17 of them stayed in this house just across the street and said officials made them as comfortable as possible.

"Not so bad really. Actually was kind of an experience," said Al Lee, translator for South Korea.

Officials said they will take a look at whether they need to upgrade the plumbing, but they are confident that the tanker will ensure they have enough water pressure to get through this years tournament.