Pocono Cupcake Challenge Needs To Whip Up More Bakers

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SMITHFIELD TOWNSHIP -- A popular cupcake competition in the Poconos is getting ready for their annual challenge, but organizers say they're short on bakers.

It's a pretty sweet and rather delicious competition: the third annual Pocono Cupcake Challenge.

But with only one week left for people to sign up, organizers at the Shawnee Inn say they're in need of more bakers, all for a good cause.

One team of girls are practicing whipping together flour, eggs, and all the ingredients for the perfect cupcake.

Madeline, Faith, and Abbie are teaming together for the second year in a row as the Golden Girls Bakery Team for the Pocono Cupcake Challenge.

All of their recipes are secret and made from scratch.

"They're from our grandmother and our great-grandmother and some from us," Madeline Worden explained.

The sisters said they love the challenge and are planning to make a lemon mocha cupcake and a brownie cupcake this year.

"It's really easy since we get along really well. And it's really fun," said Faith Worden.

Last year, about 40 teams participated bringing everything from peach Bellini cupcakes, to extravagant displays.

Here's how the challenge works: bakers whip up as many as three varieties of cupcakes and bring 10 dozen of them to Shawnee in September. Some are judged by the winners of the show "Cupcake Wars" while the others are up for sale to benefit the United Way.

For this year's Pocono Cupcake Challenge there are only about half as many bakers as usual and Shawnee is looking for more entries to help sweeten the deal for a good cause.

"We always want to see if we can get more people to come, bake, and show off what they do and support the United Way," said Shawnee Inn & Golf Resort general manager Robert Howell.

They're looking for at least 20 more entries to double the deliciousness.

The United Way says it's a sweet way for anyone to give back to thousands in need in Monroe County.

"When you can combine a fun experience, a great family event knowing that the money is going towards helping people, your friends and neighbors, you can't beat that," said Monica Cravotta, United Way of Monroe County.

Last year the cupcake challenge brought in about $10,000 for the United Way.

If you'd like to sign up to join the competition, you can find more at shawneeinn.com or by calling 800-SHAWNEE.

The deadline to enter is Friday, August 22.