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Two Dead After Collision With Train

lyc train

CLINTON TOWNSHIP — Two men are dead following a train collision with a pickup truck in Lycoming County.

It happened around 12:15 p.m. Friday.

Authorities said the two men were in the pickup truck when it was struck by a train on Brick Church Road in Clinton Township, outside Montgomery.

Griffith Company, a construction company based in California has confirmed that both men who died in the accident were working at the construction site where the new power plant is being built.

Griffith Company says the two men were coming back to work after their lunch break when the truck was hit.

A United Rental pickup truck is dented and upside down, sitting just a few feet from the railroad crossing where it was hit by a train on Brick Church Road in Clinton Township, near Montgomery

Troopers say the truck was headed over the railroad crossing when it collided with a Norfolk Southern train.

The coroner says two men in the truck were killed. He has not yet released their names, but says they are from out of state.

“I feel sorry that somebody lost their life,” said Bill Pewterbaugh.

Pewterbaugh lives by the railroad crossing. He was inside his home when the crash happened.

“Basic train noise and a thud,” he said, describing what he hears.

Officials say the passenger died at the scene.

A medical helicopter was called in. Officials say the driver of the truck was taken to Muncy Hospital and later flown to Geisinger Medical Center near Danville where he died.

Officials with Griffith Company, a construction company from California, were also at the crash scene. They tell Newswatch 16 both victims were working at the nearby construction site where a power plant is being built. The company says the men were coming back from lunch when the crash happened.

Pewterbaugh says the trains passing through there are loud and he is surprised the driver didn’t stop.

“(The trains) lay on their horns a lot and they are extremely loud so you really can’t miss that,” he said. “Unfortunately, it costs some lives.”


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