Elderly Woman Assaulted Inside Hazleton Home

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HAZLETON – Authorities are trying to figure out how an elderly woman was assaulted inside her own home on Muir Street Friday afternoon.

City police would only confirm that there was an assault investigation, but neighbors told Newswatch 16 that the 93-year-old woman either let a stranger into her home, or the man forced himself inside.

“They should be ashamed of themselves. Very ashamed,” said Rose Negron. “She helps everybody. ‘Ms. J’ is very sweet. It hurts me that somebody out here would hurt an old lady.”

Negron said another neighbor saw a man run through her backyard, around the same time as the reported assault next door.

Joseph Smalley identified the victim as his 93-year-old sister Josephine.

“When I come home, the police and everybody was here,” said Smalley. “This guy came in, and he wanted money. She didn’t give him no money, so he punched her.”

The 100-year-old man told Newswatch 16 that he’s not sure how his sister is doing in the hospital, or why she was targeted.

Anyone with information on the case is asked to call Hazleton City Police at 570-459-4940.


    • Ted Hoffnagle

      I don’t believe a creature like that would care about it’s family.This was the act of something totally evil.

  • Ted Hoffnagle

    I’am appalled by the actions of the cowardly,knuckle dragging,through back,son of a female dog ,who punched a 93 year old woman.This is the act of an animal a creature that does not belong in a civilized society.

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