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Two More Stores Leaving The Schuylkill Mall

It’s more bad news for another mall in our area.

Two stores inside the Schuylkill Mall say they will be closing their doors for good.

It`s another blow for the Schuylkill Mall near Frackville as two more stores say they will be pulling out.

Gamestop and the Cigar Box will no longer operate there leaving two more vacancies at an already struggling center.

For shoppers they say it`s almost sad how empty the mall has become.

“This mall is depressing, so dead, there`s nothing in there, there`s about three stores and it`s just depressing walking through there,” said Roberto Garcia of Cumbola.

Even for those who work here, they agree the quality of the mall has decreased over the years.

“When I was younger, there was a lot more here, we loved coming up here but there`s not really anything, we loved when we had Old Navy and stuff,” said Brandi Pucci from Minersville.

The mall does have a movie theater.

As for anchor stores, the mall offers a Kmart, a Sears and the Bon-Ton.

“Not really the places I like to shop anyway, I would like Aeropostale, things like that,” said Pucci. “But no not really any stores I like to shop at.”

But people here, malls all over are having problems.

“Economy`s bad everywhere, horrible, horrible, I own my own business so I know,” said Ken Hill of Frackville.

In Scranton, the Mall at Steamtown`s future is unclear.

The mortgage holder bought out the mall after the mall`s owners, one of whom is Al Boscov, defaulted on a loan payment.

Boscov`s department store remains this mall`s only anchor store.

But somehow, the outdoor shopping format of the Shoppes at Montage in Moosic seems to be working.

For shoppers here, this seems to be the preferred option over traditional malls.

“It`s easy parking, it`s right close to the store so it`s nice to have some of the different stores, not the typical ones in the mall,” said Jeanne Rosencrance

“Especially if it`s a nice day out, you can come out and enjoy the weather and at the same time just walk around and an inside mall you don`t get to really get outside too much,” said Scott Davis of Clarks Summit.



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