Stabbing Investigation In Lackawanna County

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TAYLOR --- Authorities spent Thursday evening searching for a man who they believe stabbed his girlfriend in the chest.

It happened around 9 p.m. in a parking lot along South Main Street in Taylor, just at the bottom of the hill from Davis Street.

Officers say they are looking for a man named Barry Lewis, 34, of Taylor. He is still on the loose.

The victim was taken to a hospital after the stabbing in Lackawanna County.


  • jennie wisdom

    Sometimes it as opens so quickly….you fall in love so fast that you ignore the signs you know are there. Did this man plan on killing this woman? Most likely, in a fit of jealous raged coupled with lack of medication for untreated diagnosis of the man involved. This is sad and extremely heartbreaking. Comments about his hair or anything seeming to blame the victim is repugnant. No one is safe until Barry is off the streets. This man needs serious help that none of us were able to provide. Wish things could have been different. …..

  • Arcadio Torres

    Well i hope she make it im sorry this happen hes sick person we try as a family to help him but no change i hope they catch him put away hes my blood but hes not like us

    • JP

      I cannot get over the fact that this guy had a girlfriend!! lol And that they can’t locate this guy, really?? Is the pic from his online dating profile??

      • K

        He can’t be too hard to find! What a creeper, so sorry for this girl. Sorry for the family that tried to help him. I know what you mean we have a few of those ourselves that would get shot on site! lol!

  • toomany

    There is an organization in Scranton, Women’s Resource Center that will go above and beyond helping women get away from abusive partners. They are truly wonderful caring people and I encourage any woman in any type of abusive relationship to contact them. Everything is confidential. They take confidentiality very seriously. But, of course, it’s the woman herself who needs to draw the strength to make the first step. I did and I haven’t looked back.a

    • deborahrmorgan

      Good for you……the men are such crap these days…..i dont even want a bf…….guys always say they cant believe ive never been married…….women always say…… were smart. These are old people too…..and theyve been around the block a few times. Ladies take notice.

  • dee

    All I can say is, I hope this woman has a slew of impartial witnesses lined up or depending on the jury he gets he may walk away with this.

    • REHJ

      Well hopefully they will take into a consideration the man has a nice size record. There is no surprise.I know his gf. She’s real sweet but I can’t stand him ,and when they see his history of being in jail hopefully they can do something. He’s not even from here he is from NJ. he’s staying here with his aunt He needs to go back where he came from. I have had a run in with him because he tried starting a fight with me and my family and I wouldn’t allow it.and I called the cops I have kids and I don’t like the idea of him being so close to my home. After meeting him within 5 minutes I knew he was crazy!

  • Crazy

    The way i see it, since he stabbed her in the chest clearly which shows what his intent was.He wanted to hurt her or kill her. Hey honey you know what? You better wake up, because there may not be a next time. That man was trying to kill you.

  • Rebecca B

    The stabbing victim is my friend. I along with many who know her and her family have told her to get away from this abusive lunatic. I have seen him grab her ,intimidate her and bully his way around her and try to intimidate others in the neighborhood acting like a thug .He needs to take that BS somewhere else. I also know for a fact that he’s a stalker as well, as he was able to tell a neighbor who exactly lived in her house. What was he doing watching?
    The man is a psycho and the sooner they get this piece of scum off the street the better off she and our whole neighborhood would be.

    • tom

      So many young women are in realtionships like this.If they do leave-finally-they will run out and find the same type of guy.A different name-they look dofferent-but the same personality.I don’t understand why in this era of time,young women have this mentality.

      • K

        Rebecca, I hope your friend makes a full recovery and that this dirt-bag is ended to the fullest extent of the law. We don’t need monsters like this roaming around seeking whom he may devour. “I don’t understand why in this era of time,young women have this mentality.”Tom, I don’t know either! My cousins and I grew up in the 70’s in the city. The women’s movement was strong and full force. We grew up learning we didn’t have to take abuse from anyone! My one cousin was the daughter of one of the strongest women I ever knew. She ended up in an abusive relationship, (SOMEHOW?!), that lasted years. When she finally got away, the piece of garbage she was married to ended her. What really needs ended is “men” like this.

      • deborahrmorgan

        Because theyve come from abusive and oppressive families. No one is born to want to be abused……..its not natural. The american family unit is in crisis……goofy.

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