Some Question Sale of Wansacz Home

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A report out this week about former state lawmaker and current Lackawanna County Commissioner Jim Wansacz may put even more scrutiny on the state’s per diem reimbursement for lawmakers.

We learned today that Wansacz just sold a home in Harrisburg, a home he bought in 2003 for $72,000.

He sold it last month for $115,000, making a $43,000 profit on the deal.

While the transaction is legal, it’s controversial because even though he was staying at his own home, Wansacz still collected per diems of more than $100 per day.

Per diem payments are meant for lawmakers’ food and housing while they’re working at the capitol.

We tried several times to get a comment from Commissioner Wansacz but were not successful.


  • Charlie Lucky

    Lackawanna county politicians, along with most politicians, TAKE WITH BOTH HANDS!!!!!!!! Then laugh at the voters when questioned on this, or anything else. The only time they answer questions, is when they are on the stand, with their hand on the bible.

  • tom

    Of course he did that-he’s a politician.He’ an aristocrat-not like us lower class-who the politicians drill into us that we are middle class.

  • E

    Lloyd Schumcatelli your ignorance is astounding. I bet you believe student loans are a form of welfare as well. Lol. Who told you that? Was it possibly your alcoholic, uneducated, union proud father trying to explain away why your family was so poor? Keep perpetuating ignorance, that will surely fix the problems in your community. Ha ha ha!

    • Lloyd Schumcatelli

      Nope, my student loans were loans that I took to go to school and worked my A$$ off to repay COMPLETELY! My father doesn’t drink, retired young from good investments and never belonged to a union. Ignorance??

      • E

        Yes Lloyd you are ignorant. You stated definitely that per diem is no different than sec 8 or welfare. I merely implied about your origins based on your aggressive comment. You are ignorant because you obviously can’t tell the difference between something stated and something implied. Lol. Also who cares if you think you worked hard to repay your student loans? We all worked hard to repay our student loans, but only people like you feel the need to mention it for no reason. I wonder why? Oh now I get it……well if your father made wise investments and retired early then you were financially well off and in little need of financial aid. Sounds to me like your daddy paid for most of your education and you are bragging about working to pay back the pittance you had to kick in for your education. That would explain your response. Ha ha ha. Typical.

      • Lloyd Schumcatelli

        Actually small time, my parents paid for NONE of my education and I work 3 jobs while in college. As for the per diem, he feels a little sense of entitlement to collect it. As stated in the article.

  • Lloyd Schumcatelli

    Politicians are a shiny version of the entitlement crowd. Per diem is no different than paid for sec 8 housing or food vouchers. So actually, what’s the news? It’s business as usual.

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