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Man Arrested for Stabbing

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MIDDLE SMITHFIELD TOWNSHIP– A man is facing charges after police say he stabbed another person Wednesday night in Monroe County.

State police were called to a mobile home on Oakwood Court near Marshalls Creek around 8:15 p.m.

Investigators say a domestic fight led to one person being stabbed in the neck. The victim was taken to the hospital and underwent emergency surgery.

Troopers arrested Adam Scholl, 30, of East Stroudsburg when he returned to the scene about three hours later.

Police say Scholl is awaiting arraignment on charges of aggravated assault, simple assault, recklessly endangering another person and harassment.


  • deborahrmorgan

    Listen unless you get stabbed or shot… one pays attention……i have 4 complaints against a former biz partner…..hes so out of order the sign is broke……..but because he didnt kill me yet……hes still walking the streets and lurking in the same bldg im in…….the cops do not care… i say arm yourself……dont wait for them…..youll be dead.

  • Marie

    What sickens me is blaming the system . Another classic case of “I couldn’t help it I’m bipolar ” just a way to try to get out of being accountable for choices made . Don’t believe he is mentally ill at all because he only acts like this when drugs are involved.

    • M

      Thank you Marie. I think you said what we all have been thinking. The sad part of this situation is they will get back together when he is released and she gets out of the hospital . The ones who are suffering are the children

  • Erin

    I would like to add that this all could have been avoided if our healthcare system didn’t fail him. A few weeks prior to this Scholl was admitted into the 6th floor at Pocono Medical for intentional overdose; there he was diagnosed with Bi-Polar disorder. No treatment was given. Then a week prior he went to the hospital to get into a rehab program and again was turned away due to lack of insurance. I am not negating his actions, however the hospital should be held partially responsible. Scholl was deemed a danger to himself and others yet was released to the public with no help. This sickens me!

    • Paul Zombie

      I thought attempted suicide was against the law? At that point, he should have one week observance while being critically evaluated and treated by a psychiatrist appointed to him for consultation. His remarks should then be part of due process before a judge to desire what legal action to take.

      • K

        I thought they kept them 72 hours at best for observation and then “set-up” some sort of outpatient treatment. Even IF they say they feel like they want to harm others, then what do they do with them? As far as I know there is but one state hospital in our area and you have to be swinging from chandeliers with a shotgun before they even consider residency. “Then a week prior he went to the hospital to get into a rehab program and again was turned away due to lack of insurance. I am not negating his actions, however the hospital should be held partially responsible.” I agree, we went thru this with someone and eventually had to get him out of our home…he is doing ok now we think, but this has been an ongoing problem for years and he still can’t get government assistance! No insurance because he’s too loopy to hold any sort of job long term! It’s sad for them, and scary for everyone when the person becomes volatile! The outpatient treatment and meds doesn’t help long term even for some because the pattern of behavior repeats itself, escalates, and then turns tragic like in this case, and in the case of that monster who killed that social worker.

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