Man Arrested for Allegedly Sexually Abusing Child

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CARBONDALE --- Police in Carbondale arrested a man who they say sexually abused a young girl.

Officers tell us it came to light when the girl's mother came across incredibly disturbing online messages between Thomas Diehl, 29, of Carbondale and the eleven-year-old girl.

Diehl faces multiple charges, including sexual abuse of children, corruption of minors, indecent assault and various other charges related to filming sex acts with a computer.

According to court papers, Diehl engaged the girl in highly explicit conversations on facebook.

Investigators say those conversations escalated into graphic video chats.

The little girl told authorities Diehl also sexually abused her.

Diehl is locked up in Lackawanna County prison.


  • tom

    An eleven year old child has no business being on facebook or the internet without a parent present.But of course the parents are busy doing their own thing anymore.

  • n

    Pretty sad my daughter has an open case for child molestation since January in Carbondale and the pig is still walking free. We want justice for our little girl. Glad they got this guy so at least that 11 year olds mom has piece of mind.

    • K

      So sorry to hear about this, I pray for justice for you and your daughter! Too many of these walking around free! You look at some of these profiles on FB and you’re like…yep, this guy’s a loser. It has become my “background check” as to who is allowed to enter my kingdom!

  • Frank DeNunzio II

    I am not saying what that creeper did is right, but where were the parents ? An 11 yr old, what is that, 5th grade ? and she had a facebook account – meaning someone older set it up for her because you have to lie about your date of birth and have to have an email account to activate a facebook account. So let me guess, the parents have no idea that their kid opened up a facebook account when they were in the 4th or 5th grade, and this kid apparently knows enough about sex to have highly explicit conversations and graphic video chats.The guys a creep but where is the parenting supervision ? With all the crap like this that goes on, their kids are still given open and free access to the internet because parents are too lazy to do things to either block pages or set up restrictions or page ratings allowances.

    • K

      11 years old is definitely too young for an FB account in my opinion as well! At least the mom was monitoring it because she came across this pig but somehow he managed to friend the girl so perhaps the parent was unfamiliar with how to manage the settings on the account. I also would imagine that a child so young would be alarmed at such an interaction and would assume she would seem unfamiliar with such an interaction so what is she watching on TV or what are her friends like? I cannot believe how some families allow family guy and south park as “family-friendly-tv?” Maybe? And how did he sexually abuse her? Was it a family friend or relative that was supposedly a “safe” FB friend? No 29 yr old guy needs to be this young girl’s FB friend!

    • K

      You’re right of course! But it’s been happening forever, just with internet technology, cell phones and such makes it all the more easier; new venues for predators.

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