Deadly Hit and Run Suspect is Behind Bars

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MONTROSE -- A man from Susquehanna County will spend 9 to 23 and a half months behind bars for a deadly hit and run.

Roger Radakovich admits that he hit and killed Earl Youngs, 20, along Route 11 near great bend back in January and drove away.

"Earl didn't get what he deserves. He didn't get even close to what I feel he deserves," said Alyssa Wright, Earl Youngs' Fiance.

Radakovich's Defense Attorney, Stephen Turel, said "I think it was a just sentencing. I think it was a fair sentencing in light of the circumstances. "

Those circumstances included a plea deal.

Radakovich plead guilty to involuntary manslaughter this June.

During his sentencing, Radakovich said, "I accept my punishment for my actions. My actions were wrong. "

Turel said, "He's very emotional. It's affected his employment. It's affected every decision in his family. "

In the court room, Radakovich also said "The amount of remorse I have I'll have to deal with for the rest of my life."

He is now locked up at the Susquehanna County Correctional Facility.

Wright said she still wants to be there for her late fiancé. She's been coming to a memorial she set up for Youngs and leaves notes for him in a jar.

"I'm the only one who leaves notes, but if anyone else decides that they want to, it's there," said Wright.

The judge also ordered Radakovich to pay more than $4,000 in restitution.

Most of that money will cover the costs from Youngs' funeral.


  • Sue

    here is a totally different perspective. yes, Roger driving away was wrong. and he admits that. BUT, if Earls fiancé had not supplied him with alcohol, (it was noted Earl had been underage drinking that night) and if she had not gotten in a fight with him and allowed him to leave the home, he would not have been on that road that night in the fog. she is just as guilty for supplying alcohol to a minor…

  • gfl ne

    Turel said, “He’s very emotional. It’s affected his employment. It’s affected every decision in his family. ” POS defense attorney. Imagine how the victims family feels.

  • K

    “Defense Attorney, Stephen Turel, said “I think it was a just sentencing. I think it was a fair sentencing in light of the circumstances.” ok we know you’re his defense attorney and isn’t it enough that you did the best for your client so that you don’t have to rub this mere pittance of a sentence in the faces of this family who lost their loved one just to listen to your own egotistical drivel and drool?

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