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Two Toddlers Drown in Less Than a Week

WYOMING COUNTY — Wyoming County is mourning the death of two little boys.

In less than a week, 2-year-old Bryan Torres and 17-month-old Gage Wells were found unconscious in swimming pools.

The Wyoming County Coroner ruled both deaths accidental drownings.

“Devastating and so scary,” said Sabrina Johnson from Tunkhannock.

Last week, Torres was found dead in a pool in Tunkhannock Township, just yards away from Tyler Memorial Hospital.

Then on Monday, a family member found Wells in a pool near Laceyville. He was taken to the hospital, but did not survive.

The Chief Deputy Coroner in Wyoming County, Eric Kukuchka, said it’s been a rough week for first responders. “You have to give your heart out to the 911 call takers and dispatchers and what they’re going through putting that call out. “

Kukuchka said these tragedies take an emotional toll on the 911 dispatchers, police, fire, ambulance, and hospital employees.

“That’s what going through your head when you’re helping somebody else’s child, is your children. It’s not that easy to get over once the incident is over, as people do think it is,” said Kukuchka.

In Wyoming County you’re never really far away from a body of water, whether it be a lake, pond, or the Susquehanna River. That’s why first responders say it’s so important for kids to know about water safety and for parents to take that extra step for precaution.

“Watch your children. Make them have a life jacket on, floaties, or some type of flotation device,” said Kukuchka.

The Wyoming County Chief Deputy Coroner also suggested a pool alarm for parents with younger children.

Those types of alarms will sound if a child over 18 pounds enters the pool without supervision and the devices are available at most hardware stores.


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