New Tools To Combat DUI In The Poconos

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STROUDSBURG -- The Monroe County DUI Association made a donation Wednesday to the Stroud Area Regional Police Department.

Officers got three new Breathalyzers paid for with money from DUI arrests in Monroe County.

Investigators tell us the new equipment can detect alcohol without having a person blow into the machine.

The department now has six Breathalyzers in use.


  • deborahrmorgan

    On a more serious note…….the mexicans are no longe growin pot because we are legalizing it here….they are growing poppy for heroin…….and making it cheap to develop a whole new drug market………how ypu think theyre doing so far?

  • JK

    People who drink usually have cars, money (assets) etc that they wish to keep. Productive lives and careers. Think tax base. Heroin users typically spend all they have on their habit and also once convicted enter a rehab program often funded with public dollars. See where I’m going with this or do you need it spelled out for you?

    • deborahrmorgan

      Ok….welll then if they dont want valium just give them some heroin instead……keeps them home….and off the streets and its cheaper. Lol. See where im going w this or should i spell it out.


    Totally agree about the drug situation! Heroin is so out of control and destroying so many lifes and families! They really need to do more worrying about the import of drugs into the Poconos and put more money into finding the big time suppliers’ and getting them off our streets. I would betcha most of these home and business break-ins we are all reading about on a daily basis, are the addicts who are desperate for their next fix and will do anything to get it! Get the big dealer, do what you have to. Worry more about the drugs, please!!!

  • Garben

    They only bust the drinkers because they know they are hard working people and will pay the fines because they need their licenses to work and they also have families and don’t want to sit in jail unlike the scummy welfare sucking heroin users

  • lefty

    The police will use this tool to extort more hard earned money out of the working man and womens pocket. that breathalizer that suppousidly detects alchol without anyone blowing into it is an infringment anybodys rights. lets say you are giving a friend a ride home because tvehicle and now he has probable cause to tear apart your car and harrass the hell out of you

  • Dom

    The police should be more worried about the meth, heroin, and coke that is flooding the area. May I suggest setting up random checkpoints in Monroe County with drug sniffing dogs a few times a week. You’ll clean house. There will be tons of drugs bust on a daily basis. Get these scumbags out of here.

    • dave

      Random checkpoints are illegal. DO not row down your window. Tell them you choose to remain silent. If you are feeling froggy ask them through the window if they have reasonable articulate suspicion that you committed a crime and are you free to go

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