Neighbors Relieved ‘Nuisance Bar’ Won’t Reopen

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WILLIAMSPORT -- The district attorney in Lycoming County said a bar people have complained about for years will never open again.

A couple of rain clouds didn't stop neighbors from sitting out on the porch while kids played on Franklin Street in Williamsport.

"Everybody comes out and sits around now," said Bill Boatman of Williamsport.

Boatman lives across from The Port Tavern, a bar that was shut down by officals back in March. Now the district attorney has announced the bar will stay closed for good.

"Since I've lived here the bar has always been a drug bar," said Boatman.

" Having empty beer bottles laying in front of your house. The noise was just astronomical," said another neighbor.

Neighbors said police were called to the corner bar countless times. According to the district attorney, there were three shootings there within six months.

"We were all scared of the shootings, that's what it was about," Boatman said.

"You would walk by and there would be blood on the sidewalks from somebody who got shot, a drug deal that went bad," said Kathy Hill of Williamsport.

Now, the district attorney has filed legal action against the bar and it's owners, calling it a public nuisance.

"Growing up this was a neighborhood bar, but then as time went on people bought the place. Things changed," Hill said.

Neighbors said they would like the entire building made into an apartment complex, so more families can come into the area.

Hill said the neighborhood has changed for the better since the bar closed down.

"You don't have to worry about if something is going to come through your window," she said.

Newswatch 16 did contact the owners of the bar, they had no comment.


  • darylfisher

    Does anyone remember the name of that it the 70’s? I used to go there because they never carded anyone.

  • Garben

    More housing low income preferably so bill town gets more druggies thanks former mayor jesse bloom – ing idiot

    • Fratboy

      Bloom did not create, or support the influx. Stop rewriting history based on the rumors from the 80s. I was there. I stood toe-toe to the newcomers. Williamsport has been a favorite hide-out for Filthydelphia drug addicts since the Victorian-era when medicines contained coke and whatnot and people got hooked.

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