Grand Slam Parade Kicks Off Little League World Series

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It`s that time of the year again in Lycoming County to play ball!

The Little League World Series starts Thursday but before the games begin, one big celebration was held in the city`s downtown.

Downtown Williamsport was a celebration of all things baseball.

The annual Grand Slam Parade held on West Fourth Street signaled the start of the 68th year of the Little League World Series in Lycoming County.

It`s a party for the young and young at heart.

“We`re the singing, sagging seniors. I belong to a group and we all dress up like old bats and so we all get our own little disguise up and we all do our own thing. We`ve been doing it for about six years,” said Beth Allison of Williamsport.

“I`ve watched Little League since I was a little kid. We`ve always gone over to the World Series,” said Heather Greenawart of Williamsport.

It was a frenzy on an international scale as the teams got caught up in the fan fever during the parade.

For locals, they`re proud to show off their home each year.

“I think it`s pretty cool and good for them because they`re getting to see Williamsport for the first time,” said Mike Gramely.

“Seeing different cultures and everybody get together it`s just a nice peaceful experience that I enjoy,” said Margaret Rintelman of Williamsport.

Members of the Aqua String Band from Philadelphia know who they’re rooting for.

There`s a team from Philadelphia in the series and its star pitcher is a 13-year old girl.

“This is the first time, I don`t think ever we`ve been in the World Series so we`re excited and we`re ecstatic and wish them to go all the way this year,” said band member Jeff Wiedmer.

And this is big year for Little League itself. The largest organized youth sport in the world turns 75 years old this year. It was started here in Williamsport back in 1939.

“Being that it`s our 75th anniversary, a lot of pride, these kids are small, medium, and large, have been here and continue to play baseball that started at our field,” said Jim McKinney, the president of the Original League from Williamsport.


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  • Paul Lahn

    The parade sucks. I’m so glad I choose to work late Wednesday and miss the whole thing. I live on 4th street and can’t get home when this goes on. I also don’t care for the stupid noise and litter it generates.

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