Project Street Art Plans to Splash Color on Two Downtowns

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STROUDSBURG -- A group in Stroudsburg is looking for artists to volunteer to help paint the town. It's all part of what's being called Project Street Art Part Two.

A mural covers up a vacant lot on Main Street and has put the Project Street Art team on the map in downtown Stroudsburg.

Now these artists are thinking even bigger, putting together plans to paint two downtowns.

"We're really trying to put some value on artwork and what it can do to a small town like Stroudsburg," said Project Street Art Founder and Director Shane Izykowski.

Izykowski and his team have plans to take blank walls on the sides of buildings, businesses, and a bridge and make them their canvases for Project Street Art Part Two.

Each of the 10 locations are scattered through Stroudsburg and East Stroudsburg.

Sumbissions to win one of these spots have been pouring in from all over.

"Just the fact that we have submissions from the Bronx to Brazil, we're a little surprised. We're kind of taking it all in, but we're ready," said Brandon Jones of Project Street Art.

An empty wall just off 6th street in Stroudsburg is going to be home to one of the 10 murals, and businesses nearby say they can't wait to see this street art in their neighborhood.

"Oh absolutely, putting art over there on that huge eyesore means a great deal because it will be the start of something new," said Nicole Defore.

Defour owns Quench Cafe and Juice Bar and says a mural will be just the right thing to brighten up the corner across from a vacant lot.

Project Street Art organizers say once the murals are all complete, they'll also have an app to help people find these murals around town, hoping to maybe inspire some more masterpieces in the future.

"Hopefully it will give more artists the impetus to do things of this nature, to create, to get out there and be visible in the eye of the public," said Jody Singer of Project Street Art.

To submit a design and maybe paint one of these spots this September, contact Shane Izykowski at 570-856-1001 or email

Project Street Art Facebook Page

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    Street art is graffiti. Go ahead and paint your town with graffiti. Can you say “ghetto”??

    And politicians welcome ghetto art !!??!!

    Guess 4 yrs from now, the next mayor will have the taxpayers , to have all this “art” removed.
    Ghetto lovers

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