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Fair-ly Rainy Weather

LIMESTONE TOWNSHIP — Rain, rain go away! That’s what volunteers from the Washingtonville Volunteer Fire Company keep saying at the Montour-Delong Community Fair.

“We have to think sunshine, otherwise it’s a depressing week,” Kay Roberts said.

The fire company has a food stand at the Montour-Delong Community Fair near Washingtonville. People who work in the food stands say attendance goes down when it rains.

“It’s lower, but we still do a steady business because the 4H is here all week long and they are our patrons during the day,” Roberts said.

In addition to lower attendance at the food stands, the rainy weather also presents a challenge to people who are showing their livestock.

“The rain didn’t help with the drying and fluffing them situation. They no sooner got them clean then had to go out into to the rain,” Jody Szoke said.

Szoke daughter Cassie is showing her market steer at the fair.

“It is frustrating. A lot of the kids washed them yesterday and had them all cleaned up. Then you get a day like this,” Szoke said.

As the market steer walked into the ring, many of them didn’t miss a puddle, just minutes before their competition.

As little McKayla Knelly got ready to compete in her first show, she tried to keep her sheep dry.

“It’s wet! We’re hiding under umbrellas and running back and forth. It makes it a challenge for the kids to keep their animals clean,” Debbie Knelly said.

The Montour-Delong Community Fair runs through Saturday just off Route 254 near Washingtonville.

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