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Speed Limits Up On Some Area Highways

You can now drive 70 miles per hour on parts of Interstates 80 and 380 and get away with it. The speed limit there went up Monday morning.

The Pennsylvania Turnpike is also involved in this.  A 100-mile stretch in the western part of the state was converted to 70 miles per hour late last month.

It really is a sign of the times: a contractor hired by PennDOT took down the 65 mile per hour speed limit signs along Interstate 380 near the Moscow exit in Lackawanna County and put up 70 mile per hour signs.

A 16-mile stretch of Interstate 380 is involved from the Interstate 84 split in Lackawanna County, all the way to the Tobyhanna exit in Monroe County.New_Interstate380_Speed_Map1

That’s a change from what PennDOT announced last month when the 70 mph speed limit was planned to go to the Mount Pocono exit. PennDOT shortened the stretch to Tobyhanna because of concerns over development near Mount Pocono.

Interstate 80 is also involved. 70 miles per hour is also legal all the way from DuBois in Clearfield County, to Clinton County, near the Jersey Shore exit, covering 88 miles of interstate.


Those two interstates are the first to get the newer and higher speed limit. They might not be the last.

PennDOT will study what happens there, and if it shows drivers and the highway can safely handle 70, more miles of interstate will see a change.

Decisions could be made, according to PennDOT, by next spring and summer.

Reaction from drivers about the new speed limit has been mixed.


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