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Corbett On Reelection: It’s The Pensions

Traditionally, Labor Day is the unofficial kickoff to the fall campaign season, but the two candidates for governor of Pennsylvania aren’t waiting that long.

Both Tom Wolf and Governor Tom Corbett have been active this summer meeting voters and running plenty of TV ads.

Corbett’s campaign brought him to Lackawanna County where he sat down with Newswatch 16.

Twelve weeks until Election Day and Governor Tom Corbett is touring the state, touting the issue he hopes will get him reelected.

“Pensions is a tremendous crisis to all the school districts and to the state across the board,” Governor Corbett said.

The governor has been trying to tackle pension reform for more than half of his first term, and even though both houses of the legislature are controlled by his fellow Republicans, he’s been unable to get anything passed.

So he reminds Pennsylvanians that he ran four years ago on a platform that he wouldn’t raise taxes and says that’s a promise he’s kept.

“We said that we were going to take on the tough jobs. Fixing a budget that is $4.2 billion in the hole without raising taxes is a tough job.”

The governor knows the knock against him is that he cut education funding, but Corbett calls that the great lie. Education funding, he says, decreased once federal stimulus money ran out.

Still, nearly every poll shows him trailing Democratic opponent Tom Wolf by double digits.

Undaunted, the governor pushes on, touring the state talking pensions, hoping that’s the issue that gets voters to take a second look.

“We see many of the undecideds going our way. We’re also seeing many supporters of Tom Wolf moving to the undecided category because they really don’t know who he is.”

Keep in mind, no incumbent Pennsylvania governor has ever lost a bid for reelection since they were first allowed to run for a second term 40 years ago.

To avoid becoming the first one to lose, Tom Corbett has a lot of ground to make up between now and November 4.


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