Six Families Forced out by Fire

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MILDRED -- A total of six families forced from a burning apartment house in Sullivan County are being helped by the Red Cross.

According to officials, the fire started just before 4 p.m. Friday along Route 487 in Mildred.

Fire responders said one man had to jump from a second story window to safety.

Officials believe the fire is accidental and started in the kitchen.


  • Gina Buonfiglio Ruth

    That guy, He was rescued and life flighted out, Who despite it all I spoke to last night, briefly, He is going to fine! Thank God I didn’t see what Cody saw because I know Him we love him very much and his family. He doesn’t remember them telling him to jump he blacked out before they got him, He remembers punching his way out the window, but not anything else. The comment of Codys upset me due to the fact that I love him like he is our child. The firehouse is right here, however all the guys trying to get to To him were are friends and neighbors who are first responders, They had the ladder, So he was being rescued but they couldn’t reach him, and he was shocked. Our firefighters are all volunteer as I said before, This guy had family and friends helping him. I know people think they are paid I know they aren’t. Those guys most likely called it in, or the people who live behind the building did. I got home an hour after it started and had no clue, but they got me to my house on the side by side and the girls got me in the house. I just sat at the kitchen table watching it all. My husband was rerouted an hour it took for him to get here. its about 150 feet from my house, the hose was running down our driveway into the creek. All the first responders aren’t always in uniform, because we are a small town and it is all volunteer Our first responders are trained to do this, there were three firehouses involed. I witnesses these guys in action they know what they are doing, They all are friends and live all over Mildred, Dushore. anyone could have seen it But at that hour nobody else was really inside the building, The Man involed in codys thread, Is okay, Everyone involed in fighting that fire are the best Men and Women and They saved his life, He said he must have jumped so I know he isn’t remembering clearly I wasn’t going to tell him on the phone last night either, he needs to stay calm. Shock does that so our body doesn’t feel pain. Thank You To all Who helped, and those whos prayers were answered, He is burnt and stiched up but okay! He had a lot of people scared. He is okay. Thankfully!

    • Rescuer

      Yeah, don’t believe everything you read on the internet. The account of the incident below is largely hogwash, prolly based on rumors, selectively embellished for effect. I don’t appreciate it, the victim wouldn’t and nor does anyone familiar with them.

  • Cody

    It was like something out of a movie. We didn’t even notice it was on fire, and its like 200 feet from the house. I guess one of the ambulance people seen the smoke from the fire hall and called it in over the scanner. The man broke the window and he came out with a ball of fire that shot straight out. He laid on the roof screaming, the pumper pulled in, and two of them rescued him with a ladder on the roof and carried him over to the grass, with smoke coming off him, poured what I assume was saline over his top half. It was very scarey to watch, it looked horrible. People were trying to get to him with a step ladder on the road side, but it was probably twenty feet high, they were yelling for him to jump, but the fire truck showed up before thank god.

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