UPDATE: Alleged Armed Robber in Custody

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STROUDSBURG -- Police said the man who robbed a convenience store in Monroe County Friday night turned himself in Sunday night.

Investigators said Justin Simpson, 22, originally from New York robbed the Pump and Pantry on West Main Street in Stroudsburg around 11 p.m. Friday.

According to police, Simpson entered the store with a hood pulled over his head. He then demanded money from a clerk and had his hand in his pocket, making it appear to the clerk that he had a weapon. He made off with some money, but police have not said how much.

Simpson is charged with robbery, theft, and receiving stolen property.



  • General sherman hill

    The shame he’ll feel when he has to tell the other inmates he’s doing 3-5 for robbing a pantry with his fake finger gun.

  • toomany

    Wow. An article about a convenient store being robbed got turned into something out of The Davinci Code. Interesting.

  • domari nolo

    “full faith and credit” has turned into a bitter joke………soon the dollars will go from green to blue from blue to purple and of course electronic currencies….I was getting tired of “green backs” anyways some nice “blue backs” should be pretty worthless as well

  • domari nolo

    the real criminals are in DC and the world criminals chill at the UN. Robbing this nation of it’s wealth, liberties and freedoms one drop at a time. “The creature from Jekyll island” by g edward griffin learn the truth about the fed reserve and you will see your money is nothing but funny.

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