Masonic Lodge Celebrates with Mortgage Burning

SALEM TOWNSHIP -- A masonic lodge in Wayne County no longer has to make mortgate payments and celebrated in a unique way.

The Salem Masonic Lodge near Hamlin held a mortgage burning Saturday.

The lodge has been around for nearly 160 years and bought ten acres of land along Route 191 a few years ago.

Thanks to personal donations from members over the past four years, the organization was able to pay off the mortgage. Now the lodge can focus on its charitable causes like the Shriners Hospital for children.

"A lot of our funds go into this endeavor. Now it gives us more and the economic time now, money's just tight for everybody. It's a boon to us to be able to have more money to give to communities," said lodge member Robert Zabady.

The Freemasons at the Salem Lodge also give away food baskets to needy children in school during the holidays.


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