Armed Robbery at a Dollar Store

PLAINS TOWNSHIP -- Police are looking for an armed robber in Luzerne County.

Investigators said a man walked into JoAnn's Dollar Saver on North River Street in Plains Township just before 8 p.m. Saturday, showed a knife, then made off with some money.

There was a kid's birthday party next door at the time.

No one was hurt.


  • toomany

    Why is the child’s birthday party of significance to the story? Don’t know your name kid but, Happy Birthday!

  • Joe

    WNEP: The most bizarre reporting ever. “There was an old lady in the store too, there were two dogs and a cat nearby as well….” Just very random details with no lead-in, and short on story details that matter. Hey, at least there were no grammatical errors! I think that’s a first for a story on here! Keep the stories short and vague and you’ll have the odds with you.

  • General sherman hill

    In addition to cash the thief also made off with a spatula, 4 pk. of ice cube trays and an expired box of Little Debbie cupcakes.

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