Reaction After Man Arrested For Bank/Gerrity’s Bomb Threats

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SCRANTON--Frank McBride Junior was arrested and charged in connection with several bomb threats in Lackawanna County Friday.

He was arraigned in federal court and is due back in court later this month.

Federal authorities said McBride threatened to blow up Gerrity's on Meadow Avenue in Scranton and three banks in Lackawanna County last month, unless money was placed outside for him in a bag.

In 2007, McBride was arrested with impersonating a police officer.

He pleaded guilty and spent time behind bars.

Friday, Newswatch 16 found FBI agents and Scranton police investigating a property on Prospect Avenue in Scranton in connection with McBride's arrest.

"It's about time they got him, really, you know? Really and truly. I'm glad they got him," said Francis Gardus of Carbondale.

"Why would you put money outside anyplace and let somebody else take it? And how do they think they're gonna get away with it?" asked Arlington Phillips of Scranton.

According to court records, McBride Junior has been in trouble before.

He has been charged with theft, forgery, criminal conspiracy, and criminal mischief.

In 2006, he was charged and served time for arson for burning a house down in Wilkes-Barre.

Investigators said in 2007, Frank McBride stole more than 20-thousand dollars from the Moosic Volunteer Hose Company while he was president.

McBride Senior was also a paramedic and part-time Moosic police officer.

As for McBride Junior, investigators said he could be facing more charges for phoning in bomb threats to other banks in Lackawanna County.

"Obviously he's got some problems that he just needs to be doing this. He feels the need to go out and cause this kind of mayhem," said Joe Fasula, co-owner of Gerrity's.


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