Prison Worker Charged With Theft From Employee Fund

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KINGSTON TOWNSHIP — A worker at a state correctional facility in Luzerne County has been charged with theft.

Stasia Lanning, 38, Hunlock Creek surrendered Friday morning.

Court records show that Lanning stepped down from her position as president and treasurer of the SCI Dallas Employee Association in 2013 and refused to hand over financial documents to new officers.

Investigators believe that Lanning without authorization removed from or never deposited nearly $74,000.

Due to poor record keeping, officials say they’re not sure exactly how much money was misappropriated or taken.

Investigators said that from January 2008 and January 2014, Lanning made over $100,000 in cash deposits into her personal account, claiming it was money from her soon-to-be ex-husband.

Search warrants related to the case were executed in April.

Lanning is charged with theft, failure to make required disposition of funds received, and unlawful use of a computer.


  • Jenna

    She’s a smart girl and I’m sure this will be a wake-up call for her. I trust she’ll be a better person once she puts this behind her.

    • Deidre

      She can’t be that big of a loser with all the money she has!! 2 horses, a Mercedes SUV, a chicks model Mazda convertible and a weak dude that serves her

  • DallasTerry

    She’s convincing to say the least. She had all her close friends/family convinced she did nothing wrong. Sorry to hear she’s with your ex-husband Deidre, he must be a real loser/dope (you’re better off without him!) She’s about to be a convicted Felon. If you have shared custody, have your lawyer request Supervised Visitation. I wouldn’t want my children around somebody like that. Hope the investigators find all the expensive stuff (lamps/purses/china) that she s
    stashed at other peoples homes. They need to dig in to her past to further their case. She’s a pathetic loser (as is your ex), press on with your life and best of luck to you!

    • Deidre

      Yes I am very happy and moved on to my long lost love. I left the house and everything in it for peace for my children. My poor kids are getting made fun of because kids are thinking she’s their mom. Peace is not what I got for my kids. She is a evil person with no emotions. I even feel bad for her son, he hates her. Well maybe some day she’ll feel remorse. I highly doubt it though.

    • Wook

      Your correct about the scum in DC but this Witch did more than just steal, she ruined families with her promiscuous ways and I’m sure those people who were effected want to see her face justice.

      • Deidre

        Nicole yes I moved way on with my life. Everyone doesn’t understand she’s so much more than a thief that’s what makes me angry. My kids are doing well, could be doing better. Their wonderful father seems to think everything’s alright. That’s what I think but not sure since the jealous,crazy stashia won’t allow him to talk to me or any females. Sorry I’m venting, the whole situation is insane.

      • Nicole Smith

        I think some of these guys who are commenting are sickening too… I can’t believe that people are actually supportive toward her! It’s crazy!! It really shows how selfish she is by not allowing you to talk with your ex either especially when you have kids together. But don’t worry, she won’t be able to tell anyone who they can or can’t talk to when she is in prison!

  • DallasTerry

    Just the tip of the iceberg people. She has horses, chickens, even a potbelly pig! Mercedes SUV, Mazda sportscar! You name it, she has it. Stealing is stealing, period. Unfortunately, a large portion of the money she stole was from fund-raisers for Brian Patton (killed while serving with the US Navy in Kuwait) and Dave Morgan (seriously injured in the same accident that killed Brian Patton and now also deceased from his injuries). I hope she feels good about herself for helping herself to money raised to help an injured Veteran and a deceased Veteran’s family. Disgusting does not even begin to describe her! Get over her looks people, that’s pure selfishness inside.

    • Deidre

      She deserves everything she gets. She’s with my ex husband, broke up my marriage. I can’t wait until she gets what she deserves. You can’t go your whole life just taking anything and everything you want. She doesn’t even have any remorse for anything she did. Eventually the fun stops and the price is payed.

      • Nicole Smith

        Sorry to hear about your marriage but I’m glad that you are out of it now and I wish the best for you and your children… hopefully you can all find some peace. And for her, the karma train is coming :)

  • Sweet Valley Resident

    I have known the Maculloch (her maiden name) family a long time. and just feel bad for them all for her bad decisions.

  • Kim

    How stupid can one person be? She’s probably looking at jail time and, if charged with a felony and convicted, she also loses her pension. Good! The state pension needs those extra $$.

  • Mammaw211

    Theft of $74 thousand dollars is a felony. I love the fact that the men are thinking with their second head when commenting on this article. She committed a crime so she needs to do the time. There are woman’s prisons because they commit serious crimes also. If it had been a man that committed the crime the comments would have been “Toss him in jail and throw away the key”! Public shaming definitely NOT be a deterrent to someone with the “balls” to steal from a prison, deposit money into her own account and refuse to hand over the documents to the person(s) taking over her job.

  • John

    White collar crime pays. She will never see a day in prison. Would love to see her resume and who hired her. I am sure she is related to someone in the prison.

  • Jimski

    I think it’s appropriate that they photographed her in front of the “Municipal Waste” sign on the dumpster. Seems to apply……

      • Nicole Smith

        It has nothing to do with hating her… I’m simply stating the truth that she is a thief. She deserves to do time in prison… if this were some middle aged overweight woman, would you feel the same way?

  • innocent bystander

    “position as president and treasurer of the SCI Dallas Employee Association in 2013”, good call…..appoint a single person to two high ranking jobs….

  • Joe

    Bad, bad girl! I have just the place for her to be kept…and it won’t cost the state a dime! Just trying to help.

    • Warløck

      That’s not necessary. Prisons are already overcrowded with people who NEED to be taken off the streets; murderers, rapists, and other violent offenders. This thief worked in a prison and being behind bars obviously wasn’t a deterrent. I don’t want my tax dollars going toward babysitting this woman for any length of time.

      In the Information Age, someone like this just needs to be publicly shamed and digitally branded as a thief so that she’s never put in a position of trust again. Employers; exercise your due diligence before hiring.

      • Nicole Smith

        So you think that she should be free even though she stole $74,000? A criminal is a criminal, and by the time she gets released from prison, maybe she’ll still look young enough for you but I doubt it.

      • Gigi

        So you are saying that she does not need to be in prison for this?? A crime–is a crime!! No matter how one wants to try to define it. Just as all of the people currently in prison have committed a crime, so has she. You dont want your tax dollars used to “babysit” her?? That is hilarious!! Cause it was your very own tax dollars, your hard earned money, that was lining her pockets!! People are just too funny when they try to distinguish a ‘real’ criminal from a room of criminals…

      • Jenna W

        All of a sudden she isn’t a “criminal”? Why??? Based on the way she looks? If this were a overweight middle aged woman would you still want to “babysit” her? She deserves to spend time in prison AND have this follow her around every time she applies for a job. She wanted a lavish lifestyle on the taxpayers dime. Time to pay up sister!!

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