Nanticoke Villa Voluntarily Shutting Down

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NANTICOKE -- A personal care home in Luzerne County is shutting down. The decision comes after a fire and several health violations filed by state officials.

There are a lot of mixed emotions for residents and workers at Nanticoke Villa.

Some family members said they just found out a few hours ago by voicemail that the personal care home will close its doors for good in October.

Officials told Newswatch 16 that the decision to close down Nanticoke Villa was voluntary.

Those workers said beds at other facilities have already been reserved for half of the 45 residents who call the place home.

Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare officials said the personal care home which is now called Nanticoke State has been operating under appeal.

The state said an inspection in June showed that workers were misusing blood glucose testing equipment.

That is the same problem that public welfare officials said led to several residents contracting Hepatitis B earlier this year.

Kelly Clarke said it was tough to tell her mother with Alzheimer's that she's being moved to Mountain Top.

"It actually really upsets me because I only live about five minutes away up the road and it really saddens me because my mom was very happy here," Clarke said.

A fire in an air conditioner in May forced dozens of residents out of Nanticoke Villa in the middle of the night. Most of the residents spent several nights sleeping on cots inside a school gymnasium until repairs were finished.

Days later the state department of public welfare said a new owner bought Nanticoke Villa, changed the name to Nanticoke State, and is now shutting the place down.

Workers at Nanticoke Villa said it was a voluntary decision and they're working to find new homes for the residents and new jobs for the employees before this place shuts down in October.