Death Investigation After Man Hit With Taser

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TAMAQUA -- State police said they are investigating an incident in which a man died after police hit him with a Taser.

According to troopers, it happened in Tamaqua about 4 a.m. Friday.

Four officers from three police departments responded to a call of a man running around a mini market parking lot shouting obscenities.

Officers tried to subdue Jose Paulino, 38, from Tamaqua.

Investigators said at least one used a Taser on him numerous times.

Paulino had to be taken to a hospital where he later died.


  • Scott Beck

    I don’t know, but doesn’t administrating an electric shock using a Taser constitute practicing medicine without a license? How can a police office possibly determine whether a person can withstand an electric shock just by looking at him/her. Haven’t we seen enough deaths this way?

  • karma

    All I have to say is I know joanie everything out of her mouth is a lie he was s bad person who did everything everyone said drugs u name it. Drugs can do that make u crazy especially years of doing them like he did when he live in coaldale

    • karma

      Well someone who steals from others leaves needles a round did how many drugs all in can say karma finally paidb u both a visit maybe u . Will grow up and put others before yourbdrugged . Up self!

  • Not a racist

    I personally knew this guy and he was a moron. Two kids living off welfare one on the way obviously he didn’t care about his children or so to be child so what makes anyone on this site thinks he cared about strangers and whether or not he would harm them. Another thing what was this father doing at 4am doing what he was doing he was whacked out on the salts (KNOW) I can tell you what I am doing at 4am sleeping getting ready for the alarm to go off telling me time to get up be a man and provide for my family but instead all the tax payers are paying for food and medical for his kids cause hey if you can get the government to hand you food and medical and have more coin in your pocket at the end of the day why wouldn’t you do it. Anyway Schuylkill county is better off with this guy doesn’t mean he deserved to die but when you live your life like he did what do you expect to happen and one more comment YES I am white and no im not a racist i just speak the truth my comments are based on the character of this guy doesn’t matter if he was white black brown purple or pink so all of you ppl say oh your white that’s why your saying it you would be wrong and to anyone who says im a racist should ask themselves if they’re one.

    • Ms. Paulino

      Wow you seem to be a perfect human being with no problems. Too bad he was my brother and my family and I are left morning thr death of a loved one while you publicly bash him. Thank you for your condolences perfect man . Thank you all for all your negative opinons. You are all salt on an open cut. Was my brother perfect nope no one is except for you all who have the time and the dignity to bash a dead person. May God bless you all and I would never wish anything like this to any of you. Also for the record the optopsy has not gotten back so it could very well be that he was not high on anything, it could have just well been stress and anxiety. But you all seem to know MY brother so well that you judge without facts also FYI we are all citizens in this country…

      • Joan belford

        That was not my comment, i tried to have some one right for me yesterday bc i couldnt…it was suppose to say jose was not on anything…if anyone knows its me i was with him all day…jose was severely depressed and lost…he was a father and many ppl loved him…he was not the type of person to snap like that…i knew him ten years…as far as everyone bashing him u didnt know him and the few ppl on here who said they did know him didnt like him bc u are drug dealers in tamaqua selling heroine, jose didnt like drug dealers killing ppl everyday selling drugs to put a little money in your pockets it should of been you not jose…the autopsy will come back clean without drugs or alcohol as i told ur father he wasent on it…im sorry the comment wasent mine, it was a mistake and i tried to have it erased…the autopsy will say it all

      • karma

        Joanne get a life he was a druggie that’s why needles were found that were you and his better take ms karma seriously and stop lying to all these people CAUSE I KNOW . YOU AND YOUR LIFESTYLE. He was into heroin crack bath salts. He did this to himself and its sad I could how many people know this can and might come forward. Stop thinking about yourself MAKE THIS A EYE OPENER. KARMA DON’T CAREV WHO U R. hopefully he was where shorts and flip flops its really hot where’s going. START TELLING THE TRUTH. I watched how they towed his van away on bottom of spruce st hillthat u were driving before u knew he was gone do u were not with him there is proof of that. Karma had enough that’s all I have to say.ALL LIES COMING FROM HERNDON BELIEVES HER

  • jbrony

    You sound like an interesting person, Crackers. So what do you do for a living? Law enforcement, medical examiner, civil rights leader, psychic? Judging by your comments one would think you are all of the above. Provoke lethal force? If the police wanted to use lethal force they would have skipped the formalities with the taser and just shot him. Bullets are way cheaper that taser cartridges. Most likely you’re the kind of person that will rant and complain about anything. Come to think of it, you also sound like a racist – other than the name of the departed, what made you jump to the conclusion that he was ‘brown’? He was someone’s son, perhaps a brother, uncle, or even a husband or father. Did he deserve to die? Absolutely not. But please tell us all – if you were in that area and a person came up screaming and threatening, would you not call the police or attempt to defend yourself? Or would you embrace them because you love your fellow man so much? Prepare to eat crow when the facts come out.

  • crackers81

    So if he was an illegal immigrant it was okay to murder him? Congratulations on being a gigantic hick in public. You are EVERYTHING wrong with Pennsylvania, and this nation at large.

    • K

      “a man running around a mini market parking lot shouting obscenities.” No it’s NOT alright to do this! You don’t like it here, go live in Somalia, try that on for size. Do you have any idea what someone like this man is capable of? A march against the police trying to protect INNOCENT people from psychopaths like this? You’re crazy too! “. Obviously the cops killing a man who did nothing to provoke lethal force is okay so long as he’s a different skin color from you. Screw those brown people, am I right?” You’re an imbecile! It doesn’t matter what color a person is, if he’s a menace, he’s going down to Chinatown! I am from one of the biggest cities in the world, and that stupid race card is BEYOND getting old.

  • crackers81

    This is your America, a country where you can be murdered by fat lazy cops with tazers for saying bad word. “Investigation”, what a joke. I’ll tell you exactly how this will go down. They will be suspended with pay (otherwise known as vacation), the “investigating” department heads will come to the conclusion that the officers were following protocol, and that this is just an unfortunate incident right before they will be reinstated onto active duty. Just like EVERY time this happens.

    Lazy, para-militarized police forces all over this country are murdering people in a country where you’re supposed to be owed a measured, like response from law enforcement. They’ve literally killed more people than terrorists at this point. Enjoy your future, America.

  • jake

    That’s why, you need bigger cops. I know a guy who is 6’6″ and was a former cop. He never needed to use a taser or gun for any of these types of run-ins. You have these places hire little cops or women, and they have a place in the dept, just not in the situations like this. You can’t have 6 cops trying to pin a guy. Get a couple of brutes that walk in and throw these guys against a wall and end it fast. Political correct b.s. is old now and dangerous.

    • justiceisserved570

      Why don’t we make sure
      They all have blonde hair
      And blue eyes too. Use of force doctrine is as such;
      Presence, then non lethal
      Force(aka taser).

      I highly doubt the taser was the result of his death.

      • justiceisserved570

        Jake Maybe you need
        To build a time machine
        Get in it and go back to
        1900. With all the cell phones recording everything not to mention dashboard cameras, your idea would bankrupt every city, and municipality in our country.

        Believe me a taser will bring you down unless
        Your hopped up on pcp
        Or bath salts. In that case
        Yes bring out the next in
        Non lethal force an asp.

        But don’t
        Make an asp out of yourself with nonsense
        Remarks, even though most would agree the criminal element needs
        A good beating.

    • crackers81

      This is why you need cops who are not fat, not poorly trained, not part of a para-militarized police mentality in which violence is preferable to actual police work, and a product of a nation of intolerant bigots hiding their obvious hatreds behind politically correct euphemistic terminology. This is just another in an uncountable slew of police murders for VERY mild incidents. Tazers are proven to be VERY dangerous equipment and they will use them on you as opposed to doing actual police work at ever possible opportunity. I agree the man shouldn’t have been screaming obscenities and shouldn’t have resisted. But our constitution guarantees you a right to a measured response. You have a right to a punishment that fits the crime.

      Does ANYONE, EVER deserve to be killed for screaming bad words? This is overt warfare against the American public at this point and now it’s in your back yard, Pennsylvania.

    • K

      No, just everyone who commits menace and mayhem. We don’t need big giant psychopaths running thru the stores carrying on an cursing and making NORMAL people feel like it isn’t safe to simply go out to the store! You wanna carry on like a psychopath and run and around and curse? Do it at home!

    • crackers81

      The sad part is that there WONT be a march of proper citizens. Obviously the cops killing a man who did nothing to provoke lethal force is okay so long as he’s a different skin color from you. Screw those brown people, am I right?

      If they organize a peaceful march in protest of this heinous behavior then they are more American than ANYONE who sits around grumbling about how those rotten brown illegals are derping up your country. You’re disgusting.

      Rember: What you say on the internet lives forever. You will have to explain this to your grandchildren one day.

      • K

        “Remember: What you say on the internet lives forever. You will have to explain this to your grandchildren one day.” I am ok with it! The only heinous behavior is on the part of “people” like this guy disturbing the peace!

      • crackers81

        @K: So you are claiming that murdering a guy who made loud noises you didn’t like is an acceptable reaction? You are claiming the use of a device which has demonstrated time and time again that it is NOT a non-lethal method of crowd control is okay despite no act of violence being committed by the perpetrator (according to the VERY limited information given by what WNEP clownishly calls an article…seriously, I love you guys but you need to do better than this)?

        Was the guy mentally ill? Did the cops just kill a guy who literally had no control over himself? Did he attack them? If you think it’s alright to kill a guy behaving this way you may be a sociopath.

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